With A Little Help....

From my friends?

If you happen to be amongst the diminishing group of bloggers that 
remain online, then you will completely understand when I tell you
 what my biggest challenge is.


Yes, writing is never an issue... when a subject comes into my little 
guinea brain, the words just seem to follow.

The trouble is... finding that subject.

I have written this blog since March of 2006.
Thirteen years!
I began blogging at a time when bloggers were few...
then everyone blogged...
then most stopped blogging.
(Except for a few of us crazies... still here... still crazy after all these years!)

Every few months I seem to come to a crossroads.
I stop at the traffic signal and patiently wait for it to turn green
so that I can proceed.
And, eventually, it does.

But now, they've removed the traffic signals and replaced them with traffic circles,
and I find myself going round and round and round.
With each pass around the circle I see all of the subjects on which I have written.
That little voice inside my head tells me that I shouldn't repeat myself...
that I should stop circling and press onward.
The problem is - I can't decide which road to take.
This is where I need a little help.

Life on the farm is rhythmic... and a little circular as well.
To me, it's a fascinating study in our wonderful world and all
of those tiny miracles that happen each and every day.
To others, it might seem mundane.
However, I know that you are my people, and mundane is not a word 
you would ever use to describe life in our little slice of heaven.

And because I know that you enjoy our daily stories,
I am left with a feeling of great responsibility -
to give you what you enjoy,
and to give it to you fresh and new each time.

And so, I cannot seem to exit the circle.

I have options.
One being to turn off the engine and sit for a while, ie: not write as often.
 Two:  ask for directions.

This is the part where your input is of great value...
because it is you to whom I ask for direction.

On days such as this, when the sky is grey, the air is drizzly,
and all of our sweet animals are whiling away the hours lounging...
I need some ideas about what to write.

We've done this before... and it has helped me to continue.
So, if you don't mind... help a girl out?

Give me a little direction for those days when I am happy to sit
in front of a warm fire stitching away...
those days when I am at a loss for...
but at the same time, am quite contented.


colleen said…
Oh my DON'T quit!! I love hearing about it all... the animals, sewing, needlepoint, recipes, carbon footprint, the grandkids, trips, and everything else in between. You are an inspiration just to hear all that you are doing.
You probably have told before but I would like to hear your beginning journey on building your home and when you decided to get so many animal or if it just happened and how your place has changed over the years. I guess to put it simple, just reminisce. Hang in there.
Louise Stopford said…
I totally agree with Colleen. To me it's not about 'content', it's about sharing a slice of your wonderful farm yard life with all your animals. You are not repeating yourself, you are generously giving us an insight of your day to day life, sharing your adventures, going through the seasons with your lovely garden, just being there to inspire us on a daily basis. What could be more wonderful than that??!! I also understand that you may feel like it is a responsibility to carry on and whatever you decide it will never take away the immense pleasure you have given so many people over so many years and for that I am very grateful. You have so much 'content' you don't need to look for anything other than just being you and sharing your days.
Peter said…
Please do keep going, I so enjoy my daily visit to your life. And don't worry so much about repeating content. And I agree, I came in a few years ago and missed a lot of the early content.
Cheers Peter
Anonymous said…
Don't quit, enjoying sharing your day, gray or sunny. The pictures are great. Would also like to hear about building your house, and your careers. I look forward to your blog every day and miss it on the weekends. You and hubs feel like family.
Anonymous said…
Hey sweet cousin. All the above. This has brought us closer together. If anything, maybe less frequent. Not every day.
Content isn’t the most critical. Life. Love. Sharing. Family and friends. DG
Anonymous said…
I read this blog faithfully every day and although I don't often comment, I love hearing about your life on the farm. It is never boring. It is inspiring, compassionate, full of useful information, and I love hearing about the animals. I begin each week day with this blog and a cup of coffee. Thank you. Marcia
Sarah B said…
The circles and cycles mean even if you're repeating yourself: there are newer readers who might not have seen it round one, you've grown/evolved/shifted so you might see the thing through a different lens.

I blog highly sporadically and I deeply admire the commitment of those who maintain a rhythm of it.
The JR said…
I have a private blog with only a few readers (as in can be counted on one hand). I use my blog as my brain. It is where I write and document what has happened in our life.

I love seeing your critters and your creations. Thanks for sharing with us.
daisy g said…
I never tire of hearing your stories, day-to-day tales and wonderful adventures. Life is rhythmic, and I happen to thrive on that. If you need to write less often, I understand. I have cut down on posts myself, but I still enjoy documenting things for our son, should he ever want to look at it later on.

All of your cookery, creations, and critters are inspirational and one of the best parts of my day.
Do what feels right. We'll be along for the ride.
Lisa said…
I would enjoy reading about how you came to the farm life. Did you grow up on a farm? if not, why choose the farm lifestyle? Just my 2 cents! : )
Lisa G in TN said…
Like everyone else, I love seeing it all. If it helps to do some shorter blog updates that is fine too. I love learning, so when you detail items about the farm, the animals, your projects I especially love those. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed the story about how the trees communicate. You have also inspired me to reduce waste around the house, use cloth napkins, not buy items with tons of packaging. So know that you are making a difference when you take the time to write. I haven't been following as long as others, so it is all new to me! Plus, I could look at farm/animal pictures every day and enjoy it. Maybe Fridays you can just post a beautiful picture, to give yourself a break from writing. Again, please don't go away. Lisa G in TN
This N That said…
Don’t stop! I feel that it is our connection in many ways. I think All bloggers get to that point.I have reached it many times... Yes, content is a big problem for me. I have a lot of friends that read your blog. But never comment on it. They don’t know how. But they enjoy the content because it’s different than their day-to-day lives. You continue to amaze people with the things that you do. “How does she get all that done?Does she ever sit down?” Don’t stop sharing your world because it and you are very special.xxooI hope that all the comments that you get on this post will reinforce this sentiment!
Unknown said…
I really enjoy your blog, it's very peaceful. I love it all, the animals, the farm. I love to see what you are making. You are very inspiring.

Marcia LaRue said…
I can't add anything to what everyone else has stated here! Your blog is the first one I read every day! I'm not sure how long I have followed you, but I know it's been quite a while! I have traveled to places I will never get to with you and Hubs!
I have seen you welcome grandbabies into your life and say goodbye to your fur babies ... we have all taken treks through the woods with you!
Take time off when you need to, just don't leave us entirely!
❤ you!
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, please continue with your blog. I love waking up each day early and with coffee cup in hand checking in with you. Your words, sense of humor, wonderment at the life you lead, family, and on and on, warm my heart and soothe my angst. You are a gift.
Marsha said…
I too don't want you to quit! I love your blog and how you take us along with you. Thank you for your blogging.
Kim said…
I very much enjoy your blog and echo the above comments. When my husband retires and we move to the country, I hope to have a garden much like yours. Content on preparing and putting up your vegetables how tos might be fun. Reduce if you must, but please don’t stop.
SusieK said…
This decision must be made by you and for you. I live your life in my dream world, the animals, the outdoors, your hobbies and your excursions. I do read you each day and totally enjoy the farm so keep on keeping on. But if you decide to "slow down" a bit I would totally understand because life is hectic. Know that you are loved and appreciated by many (and just not 4 legged one).
Anonymous said…
PLEASE DO NOT STOP!!!!! I love your blog!!!!!!!! I dont often comment,but I would miss all of you so much!!!!!!!!!
I love reading your blog and love the videos too. If it was a perfect world, what animals would you like to have that you don't already have? What was the first animals you got? I am sure you told us how you came to get Sammie but I don't remember. Could you tell us again? I think he is a fan favorite. And where did your fairies go for the winter?
Leanna said…
Don't quit! I love reading your blog. I too have trouble sometimes with content. I want so much to cover political issues but I have to hold back because it's just not a good thing to discuss a president that has a lower IQ than yourself. I like to try to make people laugh or even smile once in a while and sometimes I succeed at it. If I can make one person grin in the morning then I know my job is done for the day.
Karla said…
I join with everyone in saying how much I love reading your blog. It allows me to live a life I always dreamed of but will never happen for me. All your subjects, from your furry friends, to the gardening, the baking and the things you create are inspiring. But I think SusieK said it perfectly......it must be what's best for you. Whether it's a break from blogging or just a couple times a week, do what is best for you. Blessings :)
Gigi said…
Don't stop.. I love to hear about your daily with all the animals.. But if you broke it up from daily posts to a couple days a week instead.. That would be great.. that way you don't feel pressured to come up with something every day.. Just don't stop completely..
Margy said…
I agree with all the previous comments and would be truly lost without your blog. I would love to see a peak into your life, your home, your decor. I’d love to see how you decorate holidays or bits of your home life. I’d love to hear about how your blog has evolved. What life was like for you as you grew your blog. Or as you grew up! You are like a friend now I’ve followed you so long. Margy in KY
Anonymous said…
I enjoy your blog/words everyday. You give me hope that kindness is still "out there." I enjoy hearing about the lives of your sweet animals..,all of them and how you care for them. I find you to be an inspiring person because of your love of animals, gardening your cooking and sewing projects. Thank You..
Park City, UT
You maintain a heavy blogging schedule -- every day! You could try, perhaps, a weekly post instead. Or take a blog break for a while to refresh and rejuvenate. I understand the need to step back and think of new things to write about. Good luck!
Barbee' said…
I love the mundane posts! They make me feel calmer and more centered. I want to be there and in the middle of the farm life. Your blog is just beautiful, and the repetition in the posts is not a problem for me, I love it. It says "the same is going on, wish you were here."

There is one thing I've wondered about: Is there a story about the log building?

and, how did you find your beautiful farm?
Barbara Wilson said…
I only discovered your blog a few months ago. I love hearing about your life and animals. Perhaps you could go back to the beginning and do some repeats for us newbies. Please don't quit.
Chris T said…
Please don't stop, I love hearing about your life on the farm, so different from my own days and they bring me a certain sense of calm and tranquility. Your animal family are adorable and I enjoy reading about your sewing. I repeat please do not stop.
Sue from MI said…
Hello!! At the risk of sounding like a broken record...Please don't stop! You are my lunch time companion, and I too found your blog only a few short years ago, but have loved every minute of it! What seems like circling to you, is a lovely glimpse into "the good life" for me. As to ideas, it's hard, because you may have written before about them, but things like you and hubs, how you came to be such an awesome team. The Farm, your family, hubs family or something found together? Love your photography as well, sometimes pictures say a 1000 words. I'm always happy to open your blog and see your new post waiting, even the simple or short ones. So throw a thermos, maybe a port-a-potty and a few hand crafts in your car and continue to Enjoy the circle, because we are!
Karen said…
While your blog is such a delight - I look forward to it every day - it makes my day! BUT - I totally understand why you might want to take a break or stop all together. It means so much you share your life with us all, and animal lover that I am, I adore each and every soul that lives on your farm. But if you were to stop - I know that somewhere out there in the country a farm filled with lots of love continues on. That's enough for me - truly. I thank you for all of the years - it's been beyond wonderful!
Joleen said…
You bring a lot of happiness to me each morning when I look at your beautiful photos and read what's going on. How about making one day's post each week about what you're cooking, and one day about your sewing and other projects, or one day each week with three things you're grateful for that week. I'm grateful for you!
I TOO LOVE YOUR BLOG--and all that you share and those lovely photos--for a couple minutes every day I am on 'my' farm with you--it's as close to a farm life and country living as I will get--as now I am living in a senior living apartment complex--I love your stories--no matter how simple or complex (making us think about trees communicating!!)
You and your whole family (I have no grandkids--so have adopted yours) inspire me daily and keep me going with my own crafts and loving nature
Bless you--luv, di
Judyk2310 said…
I love reading blogs and miss the people who no longer do so. I hope you'll stay!!
Eileen in Fla. said…
It must be very hard to commit your routines to writing every day...sort of like having a perpetual term paper due. My husband is a songwriter and is always on the alert for ideas, phrases, a new angle. It's exhausting! So absent quitting alltogether, please cut back or shorten or do whatever YOU need to do to keep this wonderful site going.
aBell said…
I stop by from time to time, to see the farm, the animals, the buildings, the projects... casually, not every day, or even every week, but often enough to know,if you were not here, I would miss you. Try to find a time and space to post a photo or two and a word or story. I so enjoy your style. Trust that there is comfort in those circles, the routine, the knowledge that in this fast pace world that often seems harsh and cold and moving too fast, the simple view into what you have established here one finds comfort.
Sue S. said…
I enjoy your blog writing, your animals, your creativity and upbeat attitude. Love seeing the seasons change and the rhythm of the farm. Sometimes things we used to enjoy become too much work and can feel like a chore. Please lighten your blogging schedule to fit your life but please don't go away. You and your blog would be sorely missed.
Laura Sudderth said…
I have been reading your blog since Tyler was a toddler. I love all your photos and I get to experience all four seasons you have in your neck of the woods through those photos. Cause we in Northern California get 2.75 seasons. I cherish this blog of yours.
Leslye said…
Please don't quit! I am also a newbie and since finding your blog I look forward to reading it each day. You live the life I would love to live so I love seeing that world through your eyes.Maybe you could fill us newbies in on some of the early blogs every now and then.
Denny144 said…
Ideas: what are you cooking with step by step photos? same thing with craft projects as they progress; what does Hubbs do all day? Garden planting plans and photos. Photos of birds passing through, do you have feeders? Where do you shop? Photos and history of nearby towns, give us a tour. Tell us something about your childhood, how did you end up as a nurse, influences on your life, maybe share family history.
Shar43 said…
You surprise me every day. I can't imagine how you get so much done in a day. The last time I saw you was when Warren and I attended your presentation on knee replacements! I have to agree with so many prior posters, I love the animals and how they love you! Your creativity is overwhelming, I sit at home and do nothing and wish I would do more... This is why I love you! Do whatever makes you happy, and I'll be happy.
Oh Bev....I love your blog every which way you write it! You can talk about the weather....talk about the animals …..you can show items you're sewing ….. show recipes and things you're baking and making …. I would miss you so much if you stopped....but I certainly don't want to put any stress on you. You have done an amazing job for 13 years and I'm so happy to have enjoyed some of those years here. May the decision you make, be the very best one for you....and if it can include your still writing the blog at least some of the time....that would be great for all of us. May our good Lord bless you and help you to decide what it best for you, Bev.
Carine said…
It is your peaceful rythmic circle life that helps me cope with my hectic life. Your blog nourishes my soul. Thank you to keep on.
Lynne said…
Please, don’t stop . . .
You are fresh air . . .
I open your posts, like I am opening my front door to a neighbor.
I need you in “this hood”.
Blogging has kept me grounded even when systems and things changed and broke down.
I am picked back up by people like you who have remained constant and faithful.
I would love hearing some stories of when you were a young girl meeting the world.
Where did your animal love begin, what first brought you to sewing, knitting, baking, gardening?
What stimulated all those passions in you?
I love stories and you are a gifted writer, of life stories.
Just today I came across the piece you had written, Lessons From An Old Dog, Oakley,
that I had saved in “My Notes.” What a treasure, that I had saved it.
Rambling away, I am . . . it has been a melancholy day.
Please keep writing, blogging, sharing, creating. You are a joy!