Loving Mornings

I have so enjoyed this stretch of autumnal weather.
The nights are cold.
The mornings are crisp... silent and crisp.
It's so strange how the birdsong changes through the year.

Gone are the morning mating calls of various songbirds...
replaced by the caws of a flock of crows in the woods,
or the occasional "jay! jay!" of a bluejay.

Even the crickets are almost silent on these cooler mornings.

Sunrise is reliably spectacular at this time of year.

Bees, butterflies and other insects are busily enjoying what is left of summer's 
blossoms... preparing themselves for a winter of hibernation or migration...
with the end of their life cycle looming.

Charlotte's web remains on the door to the turkey house.

She rushes to guard her eggs and hide from us behind the doorframe as we approach.
Charlotte is a common barn spider with a lifespan of about a year.
And because she is as effective as the Orkin man... we try not to disturb her.

Living this close to nature makes one so aware of all the subtle
changes that happen across the land with the ebb and flow of seasons...
as if one has one's finger on the pulse of Mother Nature, herself.
You only have to place your hands within the soil to feel her beating heart,
or turn your face into the breeze to feel her breath.
Her many moods and changeability are mysterious and captivating.
We are... because she is.
It's important to remember this.

We walk to the upper pasture early in the morning to find
that the horses are still as far away as they could possibly be.

Most mornings they greet us at the gate.
Not this morning... no, they are enjoying the cool, crisp air just a little too much
to concern themselves with breakfast.

We resign ourselves to having to hike to the far reaches of the pastures to fetch them.
Luckily, they change their minds and come running.

We slowly walk back to the barn, me with three in hand,
(three that barely add up to two!)
Hubbs follows with the ponies.

Five tired equines make their way back to the barn and the dry lot for the day.
They've had a busy night, and now it's time to rest.

Life on the farm is good.
It's this ebb and flow of activities and seasons and years
that give us comfort.

It's the perfect blend of sameness peppered with subtle changes that keeps it all so interesting.

This time of year gives us a breather after the hustle and bustle of summer.
The garden requires minimal tending.
Mowing requirements around the farm are lessening.
Cooling temperatures make cooking and baking more attractive.
Autumn gives me more time to give to other projects such as knitting and sewing.

As a result, I have been able to make a few more purses and totes
and offer them up for sale again.

Because I have challenged myself to avoid fast fashion with its 
detrimental effects on humanity and our environment,
I remain committed to making my own clothes as well as my accessories.
Rather than buying mass-produced purses and bags, 
I will be using my own from now on.
If you'd like to join me... you can find my bags HERE.
(unfortunately, this page is not well suited (but not impossible) for viewing on mobile devices,
so if all goes well, I may have to get an official website for these)

And just in case you were wondering...

Sammie is doing fine.
Ginger is no longer limping.
Everyone else is perfect.
And I am ever hopeful that it stays this way!


daisy g said…
The bags are just lovely and I salute your industriousness.

Thanks for the heads-up about the autumnal change. If it's where you are, it should be here in NC soon! I'm SO ready!

Enjoy the tranquility.
The JR said…
I shake a bucket with some apple cubes in it and they come running every time.
Eileen in Fla. said…
Your descriptions of the earth are pure poetry. You are a gifted communicator. Next time I'm out hiking I plan to feel the ground for the earth's heartbeat. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Love the last picture....needs no words.
This N That said…
Yes indeed! It’s my favorite time of year. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets ,cool nights....crisp air ( although I may be speaking a little too soon).. there’s nothing like fall. Enjoy
Rain said…
Lovely post and lovely photos! Sameness is what I crave and love. Our weather is definitely autumnal. Though I miss the hot and humid days of summer and the sounds of the crickets and cicadas, I do love the quiet of this time of year...except the blue jays squawking at 4am! :)