Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Heat of Summer

It's a hot, hot week, here on the farm.

There's barely a cloud in the sky.

Most of us prefer the shade during the hottest part of the day.

Some of us prefer to cool off like this....

Ginger flops right down in the cool water of her pool.


She splashes and splashes...

Ahhhh.... that's so much better!
This is one happy pig.

Chester cools off in the pond....

(You can view the above video here.)

The verdict is in regarding the effectiveness of Japanese Beetle traps.
When I first put these traps out, my berry bushes were covered with beetles.
Now, after emptying several full bags of beetles,
the grapes and berry bushes barely have any beetles on them.

I call this a big win!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

what do you do with the bags of beetles? do the ducks eat them? it's horrible here and getting worse. and, my a/c broke. right now it is cooler outside than inside!

daisy g said...

Oh, that sweet Chester! He looks like he's having fun.

Good to know about the beetle traps.

We are thankful that our early mornings are still in the 70's.

Stay cool!

Patsy from Illinois said...

When I first moved here, I planted probably 20 rose bushes and for a few years they were fine. then the cursed Japanese beetles moved in and in a few weeks, they were decimated. I was just sick. I tried everything except the traps. Folks told me not to put them up because they drew more beetles. I only have a city lot so the trap wouldn't have been very far away from the roses. Anyway, I gave up on the roses. I am glad they are working for you.
That Chester boy is a cutie. And a very good swimmer. Haven't seen Sammie in awhile. Is he okay?

This N That said...

Japanese beetle traps are great for you...not so much for little yards..They bring beetles from miles away increasing your population...I have always been told to put them in the next block..They smell awful too...But yes, they do work..Try to be careful this weekend..It's not hot yet Ha!..This weekend is supposed to be dangerous..over 100 with stagnant air..now we could use a little rain!! Can't win..


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