Monday, April 15, 2019

Our World In Color

Happy Monday!
I hope that wherever you are (in the northern hemisphere)...

that spring has shown her face and that you are enjoying watching 
the earth as it comes alive again.

Every soul on this farm is happily enjoying these spring days
and the freedom that comes along with them.

The horses have returned to the upper pastures once again...
although, now that the grass is rich and green,
not without their grazing muzzles.

(I am not being paid to say the following.)
Our horses' lives have changed for the better 
thanks to their GreenGuard Equine grazing muzzles.
If you have horses that are easy keepers, I highly recommend.
Our horses stand in line waiting to get their halters and muzzles on...
knowing that they will have the freedom to stay out in the fields much longer
than without them.

And I have the peace of mind knowing that they will not be consuming
as many calories while they are out in the field.
In the end, they get more exercise and less calories.
Enough of that... this is not a commercial... but if you were on the fence about grazing muzzles...
take it from me... it will change your horse's life.
I plan to replace these muzzles that I use on the donkeys with new ones like the horses use.
The donkeys never mind wearing these... but as you can see,
they do look a little pitiful!

The pigs have been enjoying time in the front pasture.
Yesterday the donkeys were out grazing with them.
While everyone was busy grazing, Jack cleaned out the donkey house

and added new bedding.... with a couple of nosey onlookers.

We had a delightful, quiet weekend here on the farm.
The only time we left was to watch Tyler's soccer game.
(He is well recovered from the stomach bug of the week before.)
We were supposed to have a visit from the little ones,
but Mackenzie and Easton both succumbed to the stomach bug this weekend.
Hence... a very quiet weekend.
We will see them all next weekend for Easter.

I had plenty of time for gardening this weekend...

and the garden is looking great.
I spent a little time weeding the asparagus (far)
and raspberry (near) beds that lie along the garden fence.
Then we added several inches of fresh compost to this area.
This is compost that is two years old... mostly just rich soil at this point.
I can't wait to start harvesting both of these!

Seedlings grow right in front of our eyes!

I've also been cleaning up the flower beds and enjoying the 
emerging spring bulbs.

There is so much excitement this time of year.
I planted lots of bulbs last autumn - something new and unexpected pops out
each and every day.
The trees are just beginning to show some leaves,
starting with the always-first willows.
And it won't be long before grass-mowing will begin
(especially with the rain showers that we received on Friday and Sunday.)

I used some of the dried beans that I harvested last summer
and made a huge pot of chili yesterday.


littlemancat said...

Love those hyacinths - so full and colorful! A peaceful week-end to garden and relax sounds good.
And the chili looks so good. I do mine in the crockpot too.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

we had some snow this morning. your gardens look so neat and organized.

This N That said...

It looks as though everything is as it should be..Your Forsythia is gorgeous..Ours never blooms because they cut it too late..EVERY YEAR..Oh well, the bunnies and the birds love!!

Junebug said...

Rain, rain go away! Don't come for weeks! It has rained every day this April. I have my snorkle out!

Lynne said...

Everything is looking delicious . . .
Bulbs in bloom
Box plantings
And chili too!

Dr Purva Pius said...
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