Thursday, March 21, 2019


Did you see it?
Did you hear it?
Maybe, feel it?

It came without fanfare... no trumpets heralding its arrival.
And yet, there it was... a subtle rumbling in our souls.
That moment when light equals dark, day begins to stretch, night to retreat.

She slipped in, ever so quietly...
whispering her greeting to the tiniest of bud, roots, and blades.
A subtle vibration across the land, as sleepy souls lift their heads and say,
"Oh, hello, I remember you.  Yes, I remember."

If you are reading this, then congratulate yourself.
You survived yet another winter.
Perhaps you immersed yourself in all things cold and icy,
perhaps you hibernated beneath wooly sweaters and blankets or beside a fire.

Either way... you've paid your dues and now you will be rewarded.

Soon, very soon, the earth will shed it's dull winter vestments and exchange them
for the colorful wardrobe that's neatly tucked away in her trunk...
just waiting to be unpacked.

"Welcome!  Welcome!... you are a most-welcomed guest,"  we cry
as she knocks on our door.
"Unpack your trunks, please and consider staying a while.
Don't be in a hurry to rush off, in deference to Summer.
Your big sister, Summer can wait.
We long to catch up with you... to commune with you."

"We long to sink our feet in green grass,
to watch the tender buds unfold into bursts of living color,
to watch as seedlings push aside the earth on their quest to reach the sun."

"We long for the smells, the sounds, the tastes of you.
We long to enjoy every moment of your visit.
It's your season - time to work your magic,
while we watch and savor each moment, each miracle."

Welcome Spring!
May you be fruitful and prosperous,
and may we enjoy every magical moment you bestow upon us!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Very heartfelt and poetic! Happy Spring!

daisy gurl said...

Amen to that! We are so ready for the wonder of springtime!

littlemancat said...

And another amen! Here's hoping we have a full spring instead of leaping right away into the heat of summer. I love this season of becoming.


What a delightful post--the best one yet on Spring--
luv, di

Missy George said...

I saw it...not so sure I could feel it...Beautiful post..

Rain said...

What a happy post! :) I'm so excited that spring is here, though we are still quite buried under snow, about 18 feet around the house still. We don't usually see any grass until May in this area, boo! But I have to say, I feel spring in the air!!! :) Beautiful photos! :)

diane in northern wis said...

beautiful poetry Bev! I love looking at your bare grass with no snow upon it. Here things are slowly melting.... s l o w l y did I say? We can hear the trickle of water running everywhere...and still can see snow mountains as big as our roofs!!! We need the slow melt though...otherwise we'll be in trouble. so I'll enjoy your pics and stories while I slowly watch our snow mountains get a teeny bit smaller by the day.

EDGAR C. BEARD said...



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