Weekend Happenings

It was a glorious weekend here on the farm.

Friday's temperatures reached 70 degrees and I was in heaven.
I worked in the yard, cleaning up debris from winter...
and began the big chore of pruning grape vines and other vining plants
on the garden fence.

The snow has finally melted, and if we have a week without rain -
as is predicted-
much of our mud should begin to dry.

It was, of course, St. Patty's Day on Sunday.

We can't have a holiday without a farm party,

and everyone got involved.
Chester was a little woozy from too much green beer!

Of course, the snacks were green as well!

And though the temperatures on Sunday never got much above 40,
we seized the day and took the dogs and the four-legged Littles for a hike.

Over to the Hundred Acre Woods we walked...
with Red trying as hard as he could to get a nibble of the grass beneath him.
At one point he just put on his brakes and refused to go, so Hubbs took charge of him.

We hiked back to the tent in the woods,

where we let the Littles take a rest and do a little grazing.

This was my view...

I love this field, our Field of Dreams, in the middle of the woods.
It's so peaceful here and a great place for spotting wildlife.

This was also Freedom weekend for the black barn kitty triplets.
The door to their stall was opened several inches,

(some of the chicken wire around the top was peeled back as well)

and they are now allowed free access to anywhere they choose to go.
The funny thing is... they stay pretty close to their home base.
I am sure as the weather warms up a bit, they will become much more adventurous.

At least I know that they identify the barn as their home now.

And lastly.....


Marsha said…
Looks like a beautiful weekend!! Wow 70 degrees!
daisy g said…
It's been gorgeous here too, with more to come! Yippee, no rain for a while!

We collected some grapevines this weekend from a fellow gardener and I'm planning on making a wattle fence around the veggie garden. Another project, working toward my dream garden.

Moonbeam's such a good boy. That shedder looks like it does an amazing job!

Enjoy the blue skies!
Anonymous said…
It looks like you have a few customers, standing in line, waiting to be groomed. We have a cat who LOVES to have the Fuminator used on her.
Carla said…
Ha! The first thing I noticed was your black pants!
Looks like the LIttles are waiting their turn.
My donkeys don't wait on me. The rub and rub on all the oak trees as best they can. It's just up to me to get their backs and bellies. I'm going to take a look at your shedder. I'm always on the lookout for the next best thing.
Anonymous said…
Love all the Wearin' of the Green!
This N That said…
Looks like you had a quiet weekend..Happy St Paddys day..I need one of those groomers for Zoey..I actually have a similar tool but it has blades in it..A thinner of sorts.Black pants would not have been my choice for that job..Will be fun to see how adventurous the kitties get..How quickly !! I'm sure the littles enjoyed their outing..Have a happy week..
The JR said…
I ordered one of these for our wooley boogers. looking forward to trying it.