Friday, March 1, 2019

Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad...

As the song goes... "now don't be sad... two outa three ain't bad..."
This is the new theme song for the black barn kittens.
Don't be fooled by that innocent face.
One of these three kittens is ferocious!

Yesterday, as I was finishing up morning chores at the barn,
I found one of the kittens had escaped and was on top of the stack of hay in the feed room.
Sadly, there are no photos of what I needed both hands for the task
of retrieving said kitten.

I slowly walked into the feed room, using my tiny kitten voice,
hoping to calm the escapee.
The closer I got, the further into the corner he backed,
back arched, ears pinned flat to his head... hissing and pissing.

I gently reached for him and he lunged at me and kept running across the hay.
This was going to be a challenge.
I waited for him to get into a corner again and quickly reached for his little body.
He fought to escape my clutches, biting, scratching, hissing, meowing (loudly).
What a scene!
Luckily, I had thick leather work gloves on, so none of the five attempted bites
broke my skin.
Eventually, I was able to hold on to the skin on the back of his neck so that 
he could no longer bite me... and safely stowed him back in the stall
with his brothers/sisters ( I still don't have a clue what gender these three are!)
If you are wondering which kitten that was...

Geesh!  We still have to catch this little monster for neutering.

I am sure, by the end, he/she was glad to be back with the others.
As was I... when my heart finally returned to its normal pace.

Sam has been visiting the kittens daily.
They seem to really like him... at least two of them do.

I guess sometimes you just can't get the wild out of a feral cat.
We won't be sad, though... two out of three ain't bad!

Later, in a more peaceful corner of the farm...

Seven of them!

Don't for a moment think that any of them are there because of their affection for me.
No, they are all there because that mailbox is stuffed with Ritz crackers.

As soon as the gator stops at the mailbox, everyone lines up.

Spoiled critters... all of them!

PS... I know it looks like Faith and Hope are wool blind.
I assure you, when you see them from the side,
they each have an adequate opening for each eye.
Shearing time comes in late April.

Happy March!!
It's come in like a lion... let's hope it leaves like a lamb...
or an almost wool-blind sheep begging for Ritz crackers.


Louise Stopford said...

What a good dog Sam is and those adorable kittens and they really do seem to like him (well two of them). Lovely video and they are all growing well. They are going to have a marvellous time when they get their freedom on your farm. Pity the feral kitten doesn't realise how luck he/she is - but never mind they are safe and well cared for.

daisy gurl said...

It's a love fest! That Sammie is so sweet. The kittens are coming right along-at least two of them!

Who doesn't love a Ritz cracker? Have you ever made your own?

Have a sunny, warming weekend!

littlemancat said...

Now I want a Ritz cracker! Hahaha! Sammie is such a love. I wish you luck when it's time to catch that little one again!

Missy George said...

Dear Sam..The kitten sweet..He obviously reaps rewards for his caring ways..Happy March..Winter is hanging on!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Pissy is one fierce pussy!

diane in northern wis said...

Wow that Sam is really good with the kitties. I love the one, Sissy? that rubs up against the pen door and circles around Sam a lot of the time. The other one doesn't look too unfriendly and the third one seems to stay away from Sam pretty much. But Sam is pretty brave. I'm sure glad you had those big gloves on when you were catching kitten # 3. Will spaying or neutering make a difference in the temperament of that kitty? You have to wonder and hope. Thanks for sharing special pics and moments at your farm!

Tiffany said...

Always an adventure with critters.


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