Thursday, March 14, 2019

Tonight and Every Night

Every evening, as the sun sets - taking it's light to the other side of the earth,
and leaving us bathed in blue,
I head to the barn for one last visit with the animals.
And yes, I always have a copilot... just not always the same one!

The chores I do at bedtime are much like the ones done in the morning.
Waterers are checked and filled if needed.
Meals are distributed.
I pick up any manure left from the afternoon.

The ducks are ushered back into the safety of their house.

(An errant egg is rescued from the mud.)

I visit with the kitties and make sure their food and water is full.
I count them... one, two, three... all are accounted for.

Ditto with the pigs.

The sheep and goats are all at their hay feeders, water buckets full for the night.

Before returning to the house, I close up the henhouses...

where everyone is snuggled in for the night.

The turkeys are roosting as well, and their door is closed for safekeeping.

It's a peaceful routine done in silence.
No more rooster crows.
No braying donkeys, or bleating sheep or goats.
Everyone is ready for the night.

To me, the day is now complete.
All is well, and I breathe a sigh of contentment.
It's the same every night, and yet it never grows old.
I love this ebb and flow.
I love the rhythm of the land...
it gives me peace.

A lone goose flies overhead as I finish my work in the light of the barn.
The blue sky of the day is gone, replaced by clouds that foreshadow the rain that is to come.
I suppose that for some, the day-in/day-out sameness of this life would seem monotonous.
Not for me... I cherish every moment of it and eagerly await the start of another day.
Though the tasks of each day may be the same... there are so many subtle differences...
so many special moments, so many tiny miracles.

Good night... sleep tight...
Let's do it all again tomorrow!


Louise Stopford said...

I absolutely love routine and hate to be out of it. For some reason it makes me feel secure and happy. I have learnt that animals like routine as well and are very good at it. My chickens know when they can come out in the garden and let me know in no uncertain terms that it's 'playtime'. The cats know when it's going out time and bedtime and food time. So, for me at least and my animals, routine is good. You are right, there is a certain contentment when everyone is in for the night and all is well.

Debra She Who Seeks said...


daisy gurl said...

We thrive on routine and find it rather comforting. Do you do a head count of the chickens each night? Or do you just assume that they are all falling into step?

Isn't it wonderful to have the bliss of knowing that each day is a gift?

Missy George said...

Routine is a good thing. My feathers get a little ruffled when my routine is disturbed although I know it is necessary from time to time. It must be nice to know that all your charges are safe and sound and tucked in. Enjoy your day.

littlemancat said...

The peace of a day well spent . Love the deep evening pics.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the calm, peaceful feeling of this special post.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

it's like when you put your kids to bed when they are little and then can relax. i love that time of the day.

diane in northern wis said...

What a beautiful post, Bev. Thank You. And a good night to you and yours too.


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