Monday, March 11, 2019

Catching up on Zzzzz's

We've sprung forward into Daylight Savings time...
but it certainly does not look or feel yet like spring.

It remains rather wintry looking here at the farm,
although the temperatures are beginning to slowly (very slowly) climb.

Our weekend finished out as it began - in the company of our two
favorite toddlers.

It was a high energy weekend,
but honestly, the farm is the very best place to entertain kids.

There is always something to do.

Sometimes, just a gator ride is fun enough... especially for Easton.
His weekend mantra was "Boots... Go, Go!!"

We discovered this great little sledding hill right next to our barn on Saturday,
but we had no sled with us.
A trip to the hayloft of the barn yielded a clean, plastic
trash can lid that turned into the perfect sledding saucer and kept this little one
occupied for quite a long while.

There's no sweeter sound than the squeals of delight as she sped down the hill
on her make-shift sled!

We had hoped to have a little outdoor pirate play, but the pirate ship
remains landlocked in a sea of ice and snow.

Instead, we filled our time with fairy tea parties...
(a great activity for us girls when Easton napped - 
he doesn't yet understand the delicacies of tea time!)

and other indoor activities.

It's great to have such a willing helper in the kitchen.

This little one learned to crack eggs this weekend.
So, we tried to make as many things with egg as possible!

A couple of interrupted sleep nights, combined with the advance in the clocks
makes getting a good night's sleep a blessing...
and something to never take for granted!

Many thanks to Hubbs for doing the lion's share of farm work these past five days,
while I stayed in with the kids!
(You're the best!!)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What beautiful memories you're creating for your grandkids!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

visiting you guys is better than going to disneyland. a lot better!

Marsha said...

Looks like a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

FUN! FUN! FUN! followed by lots of Z-z-z-z-z's
Cardboard also works for sledding-take it from someone who grew up in Minnesota. Yah, yah, sure, yah betcha.

Missy George said...

So much to be learned from you!! Precious moments...xxoo


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