Monday, March 4, 2019

A Tale of Two Kitties...

Ok, it's really a tale of three kitties,
but as of Friday morning, it was almost a tale of just two kitties.

I entered the barn on Friday morning, early, to find that our AWOL kitty
had indeed escaped yet again...
he/she was hiding out in the feed room (a small stall adjacent to the large kitten stall).
Seeing me, she bolted from the feed room, down the stall aisle and out into the snow,
with three dogs in tow.

I quickly called the dogs back to me, and said kitty just kept running.
I feared that she was gone for good... to fearful to ever return.
All day Friday I checked around the farm for her,

but to no avail.

Then, Saturday morning, I received a text from the barn.
Our neighbor who helps us out on Saturday mornings,
had seen the kitten hunkered down on top of the duck house,
freezing cold, in the snow.

Anna reached up, and picked up the cold kitty,
 with no fight,
and stuck him/her back in the large kennel under the heat lamp. 

Later in the day we closed up all three kitties, back in the kennel,
to await their spay/neuter procedures that will take place today.
They are big enough to undergo these procedures, 
and it is definitely time.
Finally, we will know the gender of these three!

The kittens are ready to have their freedom.
They have a good foundation on which to rely...
they know where food, water, shelter and heat can be found
(in the barn)...
so I am sure they will come and go as they please.

We will keep them in their stall for a period of time -
until they heal.
Then, it is time for a much deserved freedom.

As for the rest of us...

we awoke to another three inches of snow on Friday morning.

On Saturday morning, there was more fresh snow...

and it is snowing now as I write this blog post (Sunday evening).
This snow may leave us with another 2-6 inches.

I am sure that most of you will agree with me...
it's time for Spring to start to show her face!


Louise Stopford said...

So glad you got the kitten back safely. Hope all three go on OK with their operations. It's a horrible time for them but you have to be cruel sometimes to be kind and they will soon forget about their experience and then there are so many adventures for them to be had. I love cats and have always had our cats neutered - it is the responsible thing to do. Can't believe you have more snow. I think the novelty must have worm off now and you have surely seen enough of the white stuff. Don't worry, Spring MUST be around the corner ... hopefully!

daisy gurl said...

That shot of Moonbeam with cascading snowflakes is beautiful! You know I have a soft spot in my heart for that horse.

So glad the kitty is okay. It will be quite interesting to watch as they discover a whole new world!

Karla Kuriger said...

LOVE the picture of Moonbeam in the snow! That one is frame-worthy! I bet you could start another site, Bev, to sell some of your pictures. Maybe note-card size, or calendars - the list goes on, really! You probably have quite enough already to do in one day though! We are SO done with winter here in Illinois. It was minus 13 this morning, with a windchill of minus 23. Lord.

Lynne said...

Thank goodness . ..
she returned . . . and was “found atop . . .”
Bet the heat lamp felt wonderful to her.
(Well, I guess we don’t know for sure if a “she or he” do we!)

Weather Snow Cold
I am so OVER it . . . and ready for warmer and some green!
(Snowed here last night and 6 degrees this morning . . , brrrrr!)

littlemancat said...

How upset you must have been with the run-away kitty! So glad he/she's home. And hope all goes well with their procedure today - it is a necessary thing to do.
Love all the pics, and yes, 'nuff of winter! We had a good bit of snow here too.

Missy George said...

Great picture of Moonie..Isn't it funny how snow pictures look black and white..Glad kitty is back safe and sound...I'm betting on 2 girls and a boy..let us know..

Anonymous said...

The photo of Moonbeam is perfection!

diane in northern wis said...

Well...soon you'll know how many kitty guys or gals you have. You certainly have taken good care of them. Hope they can take good care of themselves when they gain their freedom. Your love for all animals is so awesome. is surely the winter for lots of snow in lots of places. We set a new record for it here this winter and I don't think it's planning to stop anytime soon. I love that last pic of Moonbeam in the snow too. Such great photos you take. Here's wishing you some Spring soon!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That was a valuable lesson for your little runaway. Hopefully he/she will not make a break again!


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