Just Ducky

Now that the ground is visible once again,
the runner ducks are out and about for the daytime.
Which means that now, every afternoon, 
I have to scour the neighborhood looking for them.

Some days they come back to their yard and some days they disappear.
Luckily their range is not too big.

I check the duck pen... no ducks there, only guineas.

So, the dogs and I head out... me on the gator, them on foot.
We search the pastures, around the arena and the barn area
to no avail.
It's time to expand our search.

We check the neighbors yards.
No ducks.
Suddenly, I see something moving in the cornfield across the street.

Sure enough, there they are.

Now, to herd them home.

Back to their own yard.

Back to the safety of their house for the night.

Something tells me I have much duck herding in my future!

The solar power was turned on yesterday.
We are now making our own electricity... with the power of the sun.
All we need are some sunny days.
Here is what our roof looks like with the solar panels.
The bulk of them are on the roof on the back of the house and garage.

Thanks to Bright Eye Solar for getting us up and running with clean, renewable energy!

We are leaving the farm in the hands of friends for the weekend
and driving to Charlotte, North Carolina for Ryan and Bekah's wedding.
Ryan is Jack's son, and Amanda's twin.
The weekend should be quite an adventure...
for everyone!


Louise Stopford said…
I think those ducks are giving you the run around. Glad that you got them all in to the safety of their yard. Perhaps you should try training Annie or Chester to go find them and round them up!! Have a lovely weekend away. I am sure you will have a marvellous time with your family.
daisy g said…
They certainly have come a long way in their adventure-seeking!

Enjoy the weekend. It is supposed to be in the high 40's both days. Hopefully, we'll have sun for you (I live an hour west of Charlotte)!
farm buddy said…
You so need a Border Collie!!!!!
You need to microchip those runner ducks with GPS trackers! Congrats on the solar panels. Mother Earth loves you!
This N That said…
Love the duck pic!!! You need to chip at least one of those duckies..Do they have names? Can you even tell them apart..? Glad your panels are finished..Have a super weekend..xxoo
Dee J. Hartman said…
Who's going to herd the duckies while you are gone?!? I hope they are as successful as you! Enjoy your weekend! Wishing you as safe trip! PS: Impressive solar panels!!!
diane in northern wis said…
Hi Bev! Love seeing those runner ducks...although they must be quite a chore to find every day when it's time to put them into the barn. Hope your new solar panels work great! Have a great time at the wedding in Charlotte. My sister lives just half an hour from there! I see you got one of those escort spam messages today...another blog I was reading got one just the other day. What a pain huh? Love your blog. Can't wait to hear all about that wedding.
So runner ducks are indeed wanderers! Have a wonderful weekend - many happy years to the new couple!