Friday, January 11, 2019

Seasonably Cold, Finally!

Mostly blue skies and sun prevailed yesterday.

If only the solar panels were up on the roof doing their thing!
But, alas, fierce winds have ushered in much colder weather,
and no solar work was done yesterday.

We took a walk through the woods yesterday to check the progress
of the tree cutting.

It makes my heart sad to see so many of our beautiful trees gone,
but I understand the necessity.
Getting rid of the diseased trees gives the newer hardwood saplings a fighting
chance of growing into large trees... and sooner.

But still... the woods were my peaceful place, and they feel so very disrupted right now.
time heals.
And given a few years, the woods will look vibrant once more.

We did see some white tail deer on our journey.
Of that I am glad; as I was fearful that the tree cutting would cause them to leave.
The woods are large, so there is plenty of room for the deer to hide.

Our animals don't seem to mind the cold.

Those that do stay inside.

The house is toasty warm with a roaring fire going,

so I have been working on some wooly projects.
This Icelandic sweater is coming along nicely.

I work on it a little each day.
As soon as the sleeves are finished, I will join them to the body and work
upwards to finish the fancy yoke of the sweater.
I am amazed at how quickly this project is progressing.

Years ago I had started knitting this throw.

It was one of my first projects and I quickly lost interest
as I tried new techniques and new patterns.
Rather than letting it sit, unfinished, I decided to rip it out and use it for a
weaving project.

I had enough skeins of the original yarn to warp the loom.
And now I am weaving with the yarn as I rip it from the throw.
Recycled yarn!

This is the essence of what I love about winter :
working on a project inside a toasty, warm house while the cold
winter winds blow outside gives me much peace.
It's a time of rest and renewal,
a time to work on projects that are abandoned during the warmer months
when long days are spent tending to life out-of-doors.
I have learned to enjoy each season and not wish it away...
for each season brings its own blessings.


colleen said...

I would of had a hard time to recycle the throw... and look how beautiful it is woven! I'm anxious to see the sweater finished. Have a great weekend.xoxo

jaz@octoberfarm said...

that sweater is gorgeous! what a cool way to reuse the wool!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Recycling yarn is a good thing!

Patsy from Illinois said...

Love the color and trim color of the sweater. That would make pretty mittens too.

Missy George said...

Your sweater is beautiful. Love the color. Can't wait to see it finished... sorry about the trees. I hate to see them go.. It takes so long for them to mature. Loving this weather, so glad that the winds have finally died down. Your throne would have made a lovely lap robe...Too late now but it is lovely woven as well. Have a happy weekend. Enjoy the snow.xxoo

Lynne said...

So very true, ”each season brings its own blessings . . .”
Love, Love the Icelandic sweater . . . I hope it is one project that will be yours to wear.
I like the weaving too . . .
What disease is affecting the trees?
Sad to see them gone, I am sure.


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