Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Wide-ettes

When a day begins like this...
you know it is going to be just perfect!

Yesterday was just that... perfect.

I headed out at sunrise and walked all of the horses up to the upper pasture...
where they stayed until mid-afternoon...
with grazing muzzles as everyone is a little chubby right now.
I'd rather they go into winter a little chubby... 
(emphasis on the word "little".)

What a breathtaking scene as I walked with horses in each hand.

The donkeys spent a couple hours in the front pasture with the sheep and pigs...
while I finished working around the barn.

Bringing the donkeys back into the dry lot was complicated by a porcine princess
who refused to leave the dry lot.

I knew that if I went out into the pasture, she would follow me.

The front pasture needed a good cleaning, 
so rather than drive the gator, 
I took a muck bucket on a cart and set out on foot.
It's much easier to find pig poop when on foot...
and let me tell you... these girls are great poopers!

In no rush... I took my time and visited with the pigs and sheep.

By the time I finished and headed back up to the barn, the donkeys
were voicing their displeasure at the absence of the horses
(who were still in the upper pastures).

It's funny... the donkeys seem to mind the absence of the horses.
However, take the donkeys away and horses couldn't care less.
Take away one of the horses, though.... and the rest become very distressed.
They are a very tight-knit family unit.

Yesterday was the perfect day for outside work.
Since it's been a year of prolific walnut and chestnut production...

I decided to rake the pig yard as there was barely a square foot anywhere not covered in both.
I think I removed about 5 muck buckets of walnuts and chestnut hulls.

Of course, Ginger had to push the bucket with her nose and dump it all over the ground.
Pigs are not much good as helpers.

It should be much easier for our pigs to walk through their yard now.
I cannot imagine it's very comfortable to step on those needle sharp hulls...
not to mention turning one's ankle on the huge black walnuts.

By late afternoon, there was only one thing left on my list...
bringing the horses back to the barn.

It's always good to surround yourself with others
who make your own butt look small.
Moonie and the Wide-ettes!

I am so excited...
a pattern that I had ordered arrived in yesterday's mail.

I cannot wait to make this piece...
It's reversible and has a double skirt.
I love dressing in layers and this will be a great addition to my closet.


colleen said...

Love the pattern. Can't wait to see it sewn up.

littlemancat said...

This line from Yeats'"The Lake Isle of In" comes to mind when thinking of the farm and seeing your pics,videos -
"And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow..."
Hope your day's a peaceful one in your peaceful place.

Patsy from Illinois said...

Poor donkeys. Made me feel sorry for them. Lol.

Missy George said...

The Wide-ettes...so clever!! Donkey speak...pretty loud..Cute dress..Perfect for you...Is it done yet??xxoo


I like your dress pattern. I do hope you show us the dress when finished. The donkeys sure are noisy but they love their friends and are showing their disproval of the situation. I faithfully read your blog every morning. I enjoy it all from the smallest animal's antics to your precious grandchildren.
Thank you for sharing your so many talents.

Debbie Nolan said...

Your dress pattern looks wonderful. The pockets will be perfect for carrying some snacks for the four legged friends. May you and your critters have a super week.


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