Tuesday, July 10, 2018

This Might Be Heaven

There are often moments that I think...

"Maybe I actually died, and didn't know it...
because this sure feels like heaven!"

Yesterday was one of those days.

Perfect weather... abundant sunshine, cloudless sky, gentle breeze...

In every corner of the farm there was melodic birdsong...
carefree tunes filled with joy.

The sunflowers turned their happy faces toward me.

The breeze carried the faint perfume of blossoming Mimosa trees.

My heart felt light and carefree as I tended to afternoon chores...
just happy to be surrounded by my little piece of heaven.

After a busy morning...

(Bug Patrol)

grooming horses, 

farrier visit, 

 and laundry...
I took a little time to sit on the front porch and begin a knitting project 
with yarn that I purchased in a local yarn store this past weekend.

"Humble Stitch" in Newport, PA.

Humble Stitch's owner and her daughter and husband.
I am so excited.
A new fibre arts store just opened in our little local town.
It specializes in yarns, fabrics, and embroidery... all my favorites!

I mentioned yesterday that the runner ducks were going to be liberated yesterday.
First thing in the morning, we opened their door to the outside.

And we waited.
And waited.

Apparently, they were quite happy to just stay home...

and play in their pool for the day.

I did notice that a few of the guineas stopped by for a visit with the ducks,
but it didn't seem like the ducks were inclined to accompany the guineas
away from their yard.

It wasn't until Hubbs came home with another pool and placed it outside their yard,
that they finally decided to venture out.

As for the guineas...
remember that clutch of eggs (20+) that I showed you yesterday?
They were laid in one of my boxes that holds fern-leaved Tansy.
I have decided to allow the eggs to remain...
 because, it seems that they are being sat upon.

Curiously, the guineas take turns sitting on the nest...
sometimes even two guineas sit together.
I am hoping that we will have baby guineas when all is said and done.
The garden is a fairly safe area to raise a brood.

And goodness knows, we can always use more guineas!
Hopefully our neighbors won't mind if the guinea flock grows exponentially.
Time will tell... on all accounts!

Oh, and I found the beginnings of a second clutch of eggs in a box
of beans and squash.

These are our purple green beans.
I used them to make a 3 bean salad last week and blanched a bowlful.
The water immediately turned green and so did the beans.
The purple changes to green with the addition of heat.
Curious, huh?

I am sure that there are zinnias in heaven!


colleen said...

Just seeing all this loveliness I feel I must be right beside you in heaven. Don't worry the guineas won't bother me a bit and I would love to go to Humble Stitch with you.

Lynne said...

I get that “must be heaven kind of feeling” when the air is glorious, the light is just perfect . . .
The birds are chirping away . . . the colors have an extra vibrancy . . .
What a wonderful world feeling comes over me . . .
I hope everyone takes time to enjoy these kind of moments . . .
Thank you for sharing your bits and pieces of heaven with us . . .

jaz@octoberfarm said...

if your place isn't people heaven (though i think it is), it certainly is animal heaven!

molliemax said...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Idyllic indeed!

littlemancat said...

I'd feel just as you do - it is heaven on earth. Love the ducks and the guineas too. We had guineas on our place when I was growing up. They are great at bug control, and as guard birds! No one can come near without the guineas loudly announcing them. I recall one guineas who was seemingly infatuated with a neighbor's car. For hours he would hang out by the car, looking at the tires with love. Have a happy day.

Karen Ann said...

I wondered about the purple beans! I grew dragon tongue beans this year after seeing them on your blog - and was surprised the purple stripes boil out of them when you cook them. They are delicious though!


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