Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Feeding the Hummers.... And More

You asked what kind of hummingbird feeder was in yesterday's blog post.

It's a great hummingbird feeder in that you can actually mix your nectar right in the feeder.
There is a compartment for the sugar and one for the water.
Pour boiling water into the chamber and it mixes with the sugar.
Allow to cool, and it's ready to be hung.  It is dishwasher safe as well.
Best time to wash and refill is after dark....then it is ready for the next morning.

Our hummingbirds seem to really like this feeder.

Yesterday's bird feeder visitor was this Rose-breasted Grosbeak.
You might notice there is another Indigo Bunting on the feeder as well.

Apparently the Indigo Bunting gets grey tips on its feathers after it molts...
and these grey tips wear off, leaving the bird brilliant blue.

Yesterday was the perfect day for gardening.
I spent the entire day planting, watering and playing in the garden.

Early in the morning, I picked our first batch of asparagus...

you might notice that stump in the corner of the garden.
After a few hours of work in that area, it was transformed into this...

It remains a work in progress, and I will share photos when it is complete.
While I was working,  Mr. Toad dropped by for a quick chat.

I think he was interested in having tea... and I assured him that a tea party would be
happening very soon... but not just yet.

When the garden work was complete,
I stopped for a visit with the sheep.

Sitting there looking at Faith, I couldn't help but notice that she has turned into her mother.
Our little black lamb has turned into the spitting image of her mama, Gracie....
grey, now, with a black face.


Louise Stopford said...

Beautiful, beautiful sheep girls. Faith really does look like her lovely mother Gracie. Gracie always seemed to be such a kind soul and I bet her babies are just like her in nature as well. She certainly left you with two wonderful little souls - Gracie's legacy!!

Beverly Frankeny said...

Yes, the girls are very sweet....I just wish they were as outgoing as their Mama had been.

daisy gurl said...

Thanks for iding the hummer feeder. It's made in the USA, so I think it has just made it onto my short wish list.

Your girls are so sweet. BAAA-ry sweet.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You get such beautiful birds at your feeders!

Lynne said...

Liking that hummer feeder . . . ordering one, thanks.
Also, I think a patch of asparagus would grow just fine along my woods edge . . .

Missy George said...

I have been singing your praises about the mushrooms they are wonderful..Love the little area that you made in your garden..Mr Toad had to see what was going on too..Love the hummer feeder..Will have to look in to it..love the way it mixes..Enjoy that Asparagus...yummy

Laura Franken Sudderth said...

Your mushroom garden is so sweet! I would go bonkers if I saw those types of birds in my backyard. I do have many hummingbirds year round here in CA! And I had an Oriole come visit this weekend and it just took my breath away. Normally we don't have them around here. He went for the hummingbird feeders. The experts say to put out oranges on a stand for Orioles. But then those attract all kinds of other flying & stinging insects...no thank you.

Beverly Frankeny said...

Laura....just today I had a Baltimore oriole at our hummingbird feeder as well!!


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