Wednesday, May 2, 2018

All In A Day

Hubbs was gone all day yesterday.
He took a trip north to do some yard work for his parents.
Meanwhile, here at the farm, I had 13 hours of time on my hands and a list 
as long as the Mississippi.

I rose early and was finished with barn chores by seven.
Luckily I had filled my water containers the evening before,
because we had a power outage which I discovered upon my arrival at the barn.

A phone call from the power company assured that the power would be back on by 10:30.
Luckily, it was on much more quickly and I continued on my list.
House vacuumed, ironing done, breakfast dishes cleaned,
I took a little time to work on a sewing project.

That complete,
I headed out to bring the horses in from the pasture,

work on a little chain-saw project, log moving,
garden mowing and weed-whacking.

By early afternoon I was finished with my list and set out for a quick trip to the
greenhouse down the road.

By late afternoon, the barn logs were planted....

this washtub was filled with wave petunias...

 giant zinnias were planted in the garden
and the garden was watered.

By that time, it was time to collect eggs, fill animal waters, 
and feed the pigs, sheep and goats.

I am eating my (salad) dinner as I write this post...
and when I am finished, I will head up to clean up manure,
feed the horses and donkeys,
and close up the guineas, chickens, and turkeys for the night.

By that time, the sun will be setting...
and I will be ready to relax (sleep).

This is life in the Spring.
The beautiful days are busy, busy, busy!
By the way, it is in the 80's this week.
If this keeps up, I will need to fill the swimming pool for the pigs!

What's that sound, you ask?
Oh, it's just me.... snoring in my salad.

PS... you may have figured out that Hubbs is doing great!
He has recuperated from his back surgery and his only limitation at this point
is heavy lifting.


Louise Stopford said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't know how you fit so much in to your day (I know your husband's post tried to explain this quality you have), but I still don't get it!!!! I feel exhausted just reading about your busy day. Can't believe you are have having 80 degrees this week. Just a short while ago you were in so much snow and ice and now you have a lovely temperature - seems to change over in America so quickly. Your planted logs look lovely. I was thinking to myself isn't it too early to be planting (sure is here), but with your lovely weather must be just right for you. Enjoy your week.

Beverly Frankeny said...

It is a little early, yes...I am taking a risk, but I checked the long range forecast and it looks like the heat is here to stay..

Colleen said...

Faith and Hope munching without a care 💕 Guess what?????... our snow is all gone and it's going to be in the 80's today...yipee!

molliemax said...

Wonder woman! The sheep don't even stand up to eat ;) I hope hubs didn't overdo!

Lynne said...

Warm here too . . .
I hope it doesn’t turn to summer over night!
Like your hollowed log flower pots!
You get more accomplished in one day than anyone else I know!
And you love it too! Good Living in my book!

daisy gurl said...

Um, excuse me...the power company called YOU? How does that happen? Glad power was restored quickly. I marvel at how well they do their jobs when the power goes out.

What a productive day! It feels so good to be able to accomplish so much, doesn't it? Glad Hubbs is doing fine. Enjoy the sunshine!

Beverly Frankeny said...

Our power company calls and texts with updates!!

Beverly Frankeny said...

Yay Colleen!!!! Enjoy the day!

littlemancat said...

Enjoyed your post- love the petunias in the logs! They will look so pretty as they grow and cascade over the logs. Your energy amazes me too - good for you!
Have a beautiful day, Bev

Dee J. Hartman said...

All the jobs you do (if done on a regular basis) would make me tired, just thinking about them all! LOL

tnquilt said...

I love the planted logs. Are those fairy gardens too?

Beverly Frankeny said...

Those are just flowers

jaz@octoberfarm said...

can you come to my house next? i have so much to do that i don't know where to start. your place looks wonderful!

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

Wow what a busy day! No doubt running a farm, even a relatively small one, is a sun up to sun down job! Do you wear a fitbit? I'm wondering how many steps you get in any given day! Love the planters - I'm envious, we can't put any tender annuals out for nearly another month!

Beverly Frankeny said...

I log 5 to 7 miles on any given day


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