Monday, April 16, 2018


Today's post is brought to you by the color yellow.
Bright. Sunny. Yellow.

You see... Spring visited (visited, as in temporary) us on Friday and Saturday.
To say those days were glorious is an understatement.
They were magnificent.

Warm, sunny, breezy...
birds singing, bees buzzing, buds opening...
We revelled in the warmth and rolled in the grass.

And then it was gone.

Spring is a vixen.
She's a temptress, a tease.
She gives us a taste and leaves us wanting for more.

Once again we are plunged into what feels more like February than April.
It's cold and wet and gloomy and not Spring-like at all.
except, She left behind some yellow.

Yes, yellow... the first sign that more is to come.

Forsythia by the old log cabin...

Daffodils at the edge of the woods...

and goldfinches...
(who, for the past 6 months have worn a drab coat of tan)

It always amazes me how goldfinches have the ability to change the color of their feathers...
from brilliant yellow sunshine to drab olive tan...
and vice versa, in just a matter of weeks.

It's just another one of those little miracles that so often goes un-noticed.
Our world is full of tiny miracles like this... we need only open our eyes!

By Saturday I had feared that today's post might be a sad one.
You see, our house kitty, Ivy, who is an indoor cat who spends her days indoors and outdoors,
went out Thursday evening.

Normally, if she goes out at night, she is always home the next morning.
Friday came and went... and no Ivy.
By Friday night we were growing despondent... 
afraid that perhaps Ivy had fallen prey to a predator.

Luckily, she returned home very early Saturday morning.
I am assuming she took an extended hunting trip... as she was none the worse for wear.
I am happy and relieved that today's post has no bad news.
Although tiny in stature, this kitty is large in personality
and apparently quite capable.

I will be away from the farm all day today... in town taking care of one of our
two legged littles who is sick.
Thankfully, Hubbs will be holding down the farm.


Louise Stopford said...

The warm days will come again, very soon, I hope. We had none stop rain through Thursday and Friday last week - wet, muddy, cold and miserable. Saturday, however, turned out beautiful with the appearance of the sun. This week we are meant to see very warm temperatures - I wont hold my breath, I'll wait and see. So glad that Ivy returned. We have a little female house cat and what she lacks in stature she certainly makes up for in attitude. I've lost her over the fence a few times but luckily she has always returned. For us it is the fear of the busy road, hence our cats are house cats (unfortunately). How I wish I could let our cats out in a safe environment, unaccompanied, but sadly whilst living here that is not an option. Yellow is a gorgeous colour a sure sign of Spring (wherever she is lurking!!).

jaz@octoberfarm said...

so happy to hear that ivy is okay! we had such hot weather. winnie kept looking at me like it was my fault. snow on the way for later today.

Dee J. Hartman said...

I enjoyed your "yellows" today. Happy to hear of Ivy's return. Take care if your little one today!....Enjoy the freshly fallen mist.....BTW, You know what it means when drops of water fall from the sky (Yes, it is raining out!) Well, what does it mean when fluffy, cold, white stuff comes from the sky? (Yes, it is snowing.) ,,,What does it mean when you see large round ice balls coming from the sky? (Yes, it is hailing.) ..What does it mean when lots of little pieces of ice fall from the sky? (Yes, it is sleeting.) OK. what does it mean when you see quarters, pennies, dimes, and nickels falling from the heavens? (............Answer? It means there's "change" in the weather!) HAHA This is a little joke I tell the kids in school at the beginning of science class in the elementary schools when I substitute teach! You can share it, too. LOL Have a grand day!

daisy gurl said...

Oh, Ivy. You shouldn't worry folks so. If only she could tell us of her adventures!

Your spring looks glorious! Hope it returns quickly. I'm sure you're itching to get out into the garden.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad Ivy made it home safe and sound!

Country Gal said...

Our spring started our good then went down hill with the ice storm that carried freezing rain , snow , high winds and then rain power outages and some people are still with out power in the Provence,thankfully we have ours up and running , we haven't seen the sun for days and the rains keep coming , some places north of us got 3 feet of snow and covered in ice . I hope our April showers will bring us our May flowers if they survive this wacky weather . Lovely post and photos , Enjoy that sunshine and send some to Ontario Canada for me please . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

Country Gal said...

Hope your two legged little feels better soon !

Lynne said...

The Yellow sure brings some cheer . . .
Happy your indoor kitty returned . . .
Hope you have more yellowin your week and that
the little Grand is feeling better.

Karen Ann said...

Can you believe this miserable weather? BLEH. Our barn yard and coop is a soggy mess.

Hope you're little is feeling much better very soon. I'll be looking for the yellow around here, we are a week or two behind you in that department.

Missy George said...

What a difference a day makes..Rain,rain,rain...I'm glad Ivy is safe!! Hope Mack is OK!!

farm buddy said...

I am so very glad that Ivy made it home! It is so worrisome to have a missing cat.


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