Tuesday, April 3, 2018

What A Difference A Day Makes

After a warm and sunny weekend...

Winter, who is not one to be upstaged, came back for an encore performance.

Yes, we awoke to this yesterday.

Just one day before, it looked like this....

Four inches of snow fell overnight...
covering all evidence of Spring with a heavy blanket of white.

Our daffodils and tulips are up but not yet blooming.
With buds ready and willing... once this snow melts, everything will burst into blossom...
and color will once again return to our world.
For now, though, it all remains asleep... an early spring nap.

I suspect that this is the last snow... perhaps the onion snow.
Regardless, I will be planting my onion sets as soon as I can once again see soil.

Within these blanketed garden boxes, 
lie tiny seeds... ready and waiting for germination.
I've planted sugar peas, radishes, and spinach.
Cool weather crops.
I'll be seeding for some salad greens later this week.

It's that time again.
Can't you feel it?
The earth is re-awakening.
Beneath the snow, the grass in my garden is turning the brightest green ... 
greener than the grass outside the garden...
I suspect the result of very rich soil.

(Who could have suspected that only 12 hours later everything would be under a wintry quilt.)
This year I am planting a variety of beans in my garden...
legumes to dry for the following winter.
I'll also be adding another fairy garden,
and have fairy tea parties planned for myself and my little people.

This snowfall is a test... a test of patience for me.
With so many ideas and plans just waiting to bring to fruition...
another snowfall keeps my enthusiasm in check and challenges my ability to wait.

Patience... patience...
everything in its own time.
This is my mantra for today.

A day to rest, to dream, to prepare.
One more day to keep on my boots...
and patiently await running barefoot through fragrant spring grass.


They say it's a virtue.
I will try to be virtuous.

We still have April showers ahead of us.
(I had better keep those boots ready for a little longer!)

And by the way, the guineas finally found out what happens when
they refuse to come in at curfew!
"We have rules... and rules are there for a reason!"
They're not so good with following rules.
But then neither am I... so I guess the guineas and I have that in common!


  1. Can't believe you have had so much snow again. Yes we will all have to be patient for a little longer - we are being teased at the moment with the thought of Spring just around the corner.

  2. Oh my goodness! ANOTHER snow!! We had it twice several months ago in Georgia, THEN I ordered my little girl snow pants and boots. That was sure snow prevention! No snow since the purchase! HA! Spring is definately snuggled under the blanket for one last little snooze, and then it will be off to the races! Rest up!

  3. you might have to be patient even a bit longer. i see that we have more snow on the way tomorrow! is that a runner duck i see by the pond? you haven't mentioned them in a while. are they hanging with the other ducks now? i can't wait to see your gardens this year!

  4. Oh yes, snow down here near Philly too! Enough,enough! Patience is certainly required.
    Love the second pic of Sam's(I hope that's the right name?)stoic acceptance of the weather. Love his expression! A bit disgruntled,perhaps...

  5. I live in East Central Illinois and we also got 4 inches of snow. Now we are having thunderstorms and flash floods with 3 inches of rain so far and more to come. Sigh. I just want some sunshine and dry weather so I can get outside for awhile. Sammie looks sad at the snow.

  6. Hello! My name is Janet and I live in Indiana.I love your blog!! Its one of the first things I do in the morning. My question is how are the runner ducks? Love those girls!!!

  7. Anxious we are..I haven't been able to pick out a few things (shrubs)I want to plant..Nurseries have delayed their orders due to the weather..I was hoping to be done by now.I thank our April showers are April snow showers..DOn't put your boots away yet..could be more on Friday...

  8. I hate to say this, but the weather forecasters on all 4 local channels are calling for more snOw this weekend and even more again early next week. (as I choke back sobs...) I can't wait to see your seeds popping up and beautiful blooms peeking around all corners. And another fairy garden to enchant the little ones - can't wait, because I'm a "little" ol' lady myself.
    P.S. Hubbs looks so really relaxed now, retirement fits him well. His only stress comes from your "Honey do" list?

  9. diane in northern wisApril 3, 2018 at 8:46 PM

    Well, I'm not surprised Bev, to see your snow. It traipsed past us here and on to you and today we are still getting a full day's worth of it from this morning through now and beyond. Our snow mountains are still almost as tall as the buildings so we have a lot of melting in our future, if it EVER stops snowing this year!!! Our lakes are all still frozen, so the loons had better not come back yet! Thanks for your beautiful pictures Bev....can't wait to see all your garden goodies start to poke their heads thru the soil!

  10. Patience is getting tested big time around here . . .
    It always happens . . . In itts time . . .
    Called SPRING when it happens . . .


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