Thursday, April 5, 2018

Not To Be Missed

It's kite-flying weather!
Outside my window the winds are whistling through the evergreen trees.
The snow is melted... leaving the earth saturated and muddy.
It's during conditions like these that we often lose trees...
blowing over with no solid ground to hold onto their roots.

In yesterday's comments, a question was raised about our goats and why they don't make
as many appearances on the blog as the other animals.
I don't have a great answer for you.
I do, however, spend more time in their pasture during summer weather 
when the ground is dry.
On dry, sunny days I often sit in the grass and just watch them and the chickens.
But in the winter?  Not so much.

They are visited just as often as the rest of the animals each day.

And they get their share of Ritz crackers each day as well.

Perhaps not quite as many crackers as our two starving pigs consume,
but I suppose that is because the goats are not shameless beggars
like the pigs.

I tried videoing with one hand while giving treats with the other
yesterday while I was out doing afternoon chores.
Here is the result of that...

I also snapped a better picture of my blind sheep's eyes.

They are not really blind...they just look as if they have no eyes.

Their wool is so very thick right now...

but I assure you... as you can see...they have adequate visibility.


daisy gurl said...

Speaking of having looks like you'll have a few more goats soon!

Those sweet goats just take the cracker-stealers all in stride!

Looks like a lovely day there. Enjoy!

Jean Ellen said...

The black goat with the white patch looks like she will be delivering at least twins soon. She is quite wide! Love looking at all the animals. When will the sheep get shorn? Do you do it or will you have someone come take care of it? I so enjoy your daily rounds with the animals. Lucky you.

Moggie said...

Will the sheep be shorn soon? Do you have ideas for what you'll do with the wool this time? So interesting to see all your ideas!

The JR said...

What do you with the goats. Do you get yarn from them too?

Robin in Portland Oregon said...

Thank you so much for the video! I love goats and miss the pet ones I had as a young adult trying to "farm".


I love that white shaggy goat--what is her/his name?? and do you breed them?
How long have you had them--and I also agree--just didn't realize you had goats too!!!
enjoy, di

Country Gal said...

It is a chore in its self to get around and treat and see all the animals and spend time with them all each day but well worth it that's for sure . I bet those wooly sheep are anxiously awaiting to get all that wool off and feel a bit lighter soon . I see the goats are shedding lots to now that spring is here . Oh Piggies lovely chubby piggies all your animals are so wonderful . Thanks for sharing your post photos and videos they always happily take me back to my farm days . Have a good weekend !

Missy George said...

We know that none of your animals are ever neglected!! Ritz for all...

diane in northern wis said...

I just loved watching you pass out your ritz crackers to are so diligent in making sure everybody gets at least one. So fun to watch. Thanks for the pics of the sheep hard to figure out how they can see thru all that wool. How many baby goats are you expecting this spring? Wow...I couldn't believe how wide that one goat is! Thanks for an always great blog Bev!

Lynne said...

Video gave me a smile . . .
Love the heavy wool, where are the eyes photos . . .
Sheering soon?


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