Thursday, April 12, 2018

Moments of Magic

Yesterday was the perfect day for horsing around.
The sun shone brightly...
 and just below the chilly breeze, a slight bit of warmth was detectable.

The ground is finally relatively dried out,
which made for the perfect day for upper pasture grazing.

After spending several hours there, the horses were ready to walk back to the barn.
Coming home from the pasture is always an easier walk than
the early morning walk from barn to pasture.
Excitement is high early in the morning,
and anticipation gives equines what we call "happy feet."

Hubbs leads Moonbeam and one of the ponies,
while I lead the other pony and the two Littles.
After a morning of grazing, all five saunter back to the barn mellow and calm...
just the way I like them.

Once at the barn, we let Moonbeam off his lead and he heads into the barn
in search of his lunch (vitamin and mineral supplements in pellet feed).
Everyone else gets situated in and around the barn.

At this point the donkeys have returned to their yard from the front pasture.
When lunch is complete, the gate between the donkey and horse yards is opened.
We installed this gate last summer in hopes that it would help to give the donkeys
more exercise during the day.

It definitely does that, as the donkeys spend most of their time avoiding the horses.
Everyone gets along just fine, but if truth were told,
I believe the donkeys view the horses as just a little beneath them.

Daphne and Chloe are divas.
Let's face it...
the horses don't even have enough sense to come in out of the rain and snow.
Daphne and Chloe have their standards, after all.

The rest of the afternoon is spent napping and investigating each other's spaces.
It's at this time that I sit on the ground and wait.

Eventually, just about everyone comes for a visit.
Everyone except Moonbeam, that is... and with his 1500 pounds looming above me,
I would hesitate to be seated on the ground.

We have a little téte-a-téte.

Scarlet tries to convince me that the boys are up to no good.
She's a bit of a tattle-tale, like most sisters.

Red walks up behind me and rests his head on top of mine.
It's a quiet and peaceful moment... wonderful, actually.
It's magical moments such as this that make me grateful for this peaceful country life.

It's so easy to lose track of time when out with the animals.
I sit with them... just enjoying their gentle company... without a thought in my head...
just experiencing the moment.
I am keenly aware of all that my senses behold...
the sights and sounds and smells of my beloved animals.
To me, being so present in a moment without thought of anything else is a gift...
something to be cherished... the best part of any day!

I wanted to show you my latest project.
I had mentioned before that I am breathing new life into old clothes
by adding some hand embroidery.
This dark grey linen top needed a little pizazz...

Now if it would just get warm enough that I could put the UnderArmor away!


colleen said...

Moonshadow Moonshadow !!
Your embroidery is just beautiful.

Louise Stopford said...

You have such a beautiful way of expressing things - Your true life stories are not only amazing, but comforting and peaceful and your 'tails' such do lift the spirit and soul.

GeorgiaHoneyBee said...

Wow! Your embroidery is beautiful!!

molliemax said...

Thanks Colleen. Now that will be going through my head all day. I guess it could be worse. Beautiful post again, Bev. Your embroidery is beautiful. An added touch ....special...good job!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

your embroidery is fantastic! just wonderful!

Patsy said...

You do wonderful needlework. Love the pics of the animals and especially little Red.

Lynne said...

Give gentle, receive gentle . . .
Love seeing your farm friends . . .

Beautiful embroidery!

Country Gal said...

Lovely post and photos . It is so nice to see all having fun and enjoying the milder temps and drying of the land . It is mild and sunny here now temps are 13C or 56F and the breezes is warmer to . Rain for tomorrow and the weekend but yeah know the saying April showers bring May flowers lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !


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