Friday, March 9, 2018

Our Super-Mutts

If you have followed along on this journey with us for a while,
then you know that our four current pups are from rescues.
And because you never really know what you have with a rescue pup,
we have always done a DNA test on our dogs to determine their "pedigree."

Most times we have a family contest to guess the breed with a $5 entry fee for each guess...
the winner receiving all of the entry fees.
In the case of no one guessing correctly, the money goes to our local shelter.
And so far... the money has always gone to the shelter.

A few months back I told you about Chester's DNA results.

For Chester's DNA testing we used
Their testing is done at Cornell.
We were happy with Chester's results as they included not only his breed contributions,
but also his risk for genetic disease.

Skeptical about the results that we had previously received for Annie
(from a different company),
we decided to re-test her.
Her first test results were an even combination of
 Chow Chow, Chinese Sharpei, and English Bulldog.

Annie as a puppy.
We were skeptical, however... we just couldn't see it.
We even called to see if a mistake could have been possible.
I would have sworn that she had Boston Terrier in the list... but no.

Yesterday the new results came to us.
We are even more stymied than we previously were.
It seems our Annie is one super SuperMutt!!
Meaning that both of her parents were most likely mutts, themselves.

Her genetic breakdown is baffling.
Enjoy the good laugh...

20.8% Newfoundland
19.9% Labrador Retriever
19.4% Chow Chow
13.2% Chinese Shar-Pei
8.4% Boxer
4.8% Bulldog
13.5% Supermutt (traces of Shetland sheepdog, collie, and Rottweiler). 

In essence, this girl is a Newfie mix.

If any dog is the anti-Newfie, it would be Annie!
Newfoundlands are huge, and slow, and drooly, and friendly to all....
big, oversized, love-rugs.

Small, fast, energetic, muscular, wary of strangers...

Go figure.
Genetics is an amazing field.
What is even more amazing is how the cross breeding of dog breeds turns out after generations.
I suppose if we allowed all of our dogs to just cross breed as they want,
we would eventually end up with a world full of dogs that look just like Annie...
a world full of Super Mutts!

On a side note,
Oakley gave us another scare yesterday.
He awoke in the morning and was unable to walk.
We've had him on steroids for months trying to keep him comfortable and going for as 
long as possible.
But, this old man is worn out, and has lymphoma.
We've increased his steroids and he seems a little better now.
We are keeping our fingers crossed.
He's had a good run, but his shoes are worn out!
For now we are just taking each day as it comes and giving him as much lovin'
as is possible.


Colleen said...

I find the genetic testing very interesting and helpful.
Thinking of you Oakley 😓 💙

Kathy said...

Very interesting results. I wonder if a 'purebred' was tested what the results would show? I too, will be thinking of Oakley and sending love.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

poor oakley! it is so tough when they get old. what an interesting combination annie is! what part of her is chow? is she stubborn?

GeorgiaHoneyBee said...

God bless Oakley!

daisy gurl said...

Mutts are the best, aren't they?

Prayers headed your way.

Anonymous said...

Interesting DNA results. Newfi? It doesn't ring true, even if it is only 20 %.

Sending you strength for poor Oakley. I hope there's a rebound and he's feeling better soon. But whatever happens you will do what's best for him. And that can be hard.


Patsy said...

God bless Oakley. The results for the dogs was really interesting.

Missy George said...

Oakie is the best...Hope he doesn't suffer..but then, you wouldn't let him..The only thing Newfie like in Annie is the black;)..Amazing..She's pretty much Lab as well..I can see that in her energy..Eyes look like a Shar-pei ? Oh well, we love them no matter what they are..Have a happy weekend..

Country Gal said...

A true Heinz 57 lol ! I love mutts they have so much character in both their looks and personalities . Our Misty is Bearded Collie, Wheaten Terrier , Golden Retriever , Shepherd and Hound and our love bug lol ! Your pups are beautiful . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

ninergirl04 said...

Well, those are interesting results for Annie. The Newfie or Lab influence would have given her the black coat color and the Boxer influence is her white markings -- very Boxer in that regard. I have a rescue boy and because of you telling us about Embark, I'm having him tested with them. Can't wait for the results. Sending hugs and love to old man Oakley! ♥♥

diane in northern wis said...

Blessings for sweet Oakley. Sounds like he's winding down. Give him lots of love and hugs now. Pets are so wonderful but it's so very hard when we lose them. Enjoy every one you have now. Give extra hugs.

Lynne said...

Interesting doggie genetic info . . .
We humans are made up with a bit of a “mix” too!
Oakley is a great dog . . . hope the meds help . . . for a bit longer.


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