Thursday, March 1, 2018

Back To The Pasture

Finally after days of confinement to their dry lot,
the horses were able to return to their upper pastures for a morning.
What had previously been turned into a swamp, was now
dry enough that hooves would not destroy it.
In order to have a decent pasture for grazing,
we have to protect it during bad weather.

I was alone yesterday morning, and it took me about a half hour
to get all five horses up to the dry lot.
Moonbeam was first... and was so excited he danced the entire way.
Then Donnie and Scarlet followed suit.
The walk was exciting... both for them, as they could hardly contain themselves...
and for me struggling with 2 ponies who had a hard time keeping hooves on the ground.
We made it without incident.

When it came time to move the littles, 
I held my camera in one hand with the video running...
this is the resulting video.
(warning:  you may need to take Dramamine before viewing this video...
it's a little hard to keep a camera steady when you have two miniature horses in hand.)

The rest of the day turned into "pruning day."
With afternoon sun and temps up to 61,
I took advantage of the day and pruned all of the grapevines, the hydrangeas,
and the butterfly bushes.
I also cut down all of the ornamental grasses.

Luckily, I had excellent supervisors!

You may have noticed the heavy yellow cord in all of today's photos and videos.
Very early in the winter, our underground electric stopped working...
leaving the chickens and goats without power.
The extension cords are a temporary fix until new electric service can be run under ground.
One thing about farm life that is always true...
you can always expect the unexpected!


Louise Stopford said...

Loved the video of the horses/ponies. It is so nice that you commentate to tell us all about it and that we can hear the noises of the farm. Loved the sound of the guineas and turkeys.

daisy gurl said...

What an amazing sky! No doubt the horses all had a wonderful time out there grazing.
If I had to live in an apartment, that's where I'd want to be! ;0)

Kathy said...

That is indeed a beautiful sunrise. I was doing the same as you yesterday, pruning hydrangeas and grasses. Although unfortunately without feathered supervisors! Batten down the hatches for the nor'easter heading our way!

Missy George said...

They couldn't wait to start nibbling on the new grass..Still looks a bit muddy to me..Hope you went easy on the Hydrangeas..Cute video..Enjoy these last few rain free hours..I looked ahead to the next few weeks..rain/snow showers almost every other day!!

littlemancat said...

Love seeing the horses moving out to pasture. You can feel their happiness! I did have a little trouble with the video - that circle thingy in mid frame just kept rotating. But still, got the gist of it. Glad everyone enjoyed a few dry days!

Lynne said...

Enjoyed the move . . .
Looks like the horses did too . . .
Feels and looks like springtime is in the air!

Lynne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
An American in Tokyo said...

Beautiful sky and landscape in the last part of your video!!
I guess Moonbeam is not self-walking himself back to the barn yet?
Too early in the season, maybe?

It looks like lovely weather over there!
Please enjoy it while it lasts. We are expecting a huge rainstorm today.


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