Thursday, January 11, 2018

Just A Touch Of Spring Fever

Is it too soon for Spring fever?
It is?
Thanks for that reality check!

Well, regardless... this week's much warmer temperatures have me dreaming of
burying my fingers in rich dark earth.
It has me dreaming of seedlings that grow...
producing fresh, juicy vegetables.

These thoughts make walking through the produce aisle very difficult.
Everything there was grown a continent away and shipped here.
Freshness doesn't exist this time of year.
Oh, what I'd give for vegetables right off the vine!

The garden is dormant... taking a long needed rest.
The compost, that I treated each box with, is slowly releasing 
all of its goodness... making the soil rich and healthy.

These warm afternoons have been a gift...
giving me extra time to work outside.

The animals have enjoyed their return to pastures... 

spending the mornings grazing

and the afternoons - sleeping!

Sweet, handsome Donnie Brasco...

the absolute greatest pony in the history of all ponies...
(sorry to all you other lovely ponies out there!)

He is as sure and steady and sound as a pony could possibly be...

and quite dashing, as well!

He grows a thick, wooly coat each winter, not to mention the longest tail.
I have to keep it trimmed or everyone would be stepping on it as it drags behind
him like a train.


Louise Stopford said...

I love Donnie's gorgeous thick winter coat. He looks like a great big teddy bear and yes, he is very handsome.

Colleen said...

I hear ya on the vegetable isle? 😝

daisy gurl said...

Why not add a greenhouse to BHA so you can grow all year long? I think you just might have the space for it! ;0D

What a beautiful steed!

Missy George said...

Keep dreaming..I think we have a while to go til Spring..Donnie is handsome indeed..Nice that he got some post time ;) Have a good day..

diane in northern wis said...

I thought maybe you were going to say that Donnie was a new resident at your place. I don't remember hearing about him before. He is a beauty indeed. Maybe I just forgot! Thanks for sharing your beautiful animals. I'm dreaming of seeing you planting all your veggies in that fertile ground too! Well, at least we're 1/3rd through January!!!!!


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