Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Back To The Barn

After spending two days in the house,
I felt the need to get out and visit my friends.

It was close-up time yesterday afternoon...
time for feeding and watering and the last clean-up of the day.

It had snowed for most of the day,
and was absolutely breathtaking outside.

I had so needed to feel the peace that the farm brings to my soul,
and my trip out to the barn did just that.

A fresh covering of snow makes the world practically silent.
Silence... except for a distant "who-whoooo" of a great horned owl in the woods. heart felt like it had just come home again.

Amanda and I finished the chores and headed home in the gator...
marveling at how beautiful snow makes the farm look.

I am just itching to get onto my cross country skis...
but that will have to wait for now.
For now I will have to be satisfied to just get back out to the barn.
Life is good!

Once back in the house, I headed upstairs to my sewing room in the loft...

 to start a new project.
I am warping my loom to begin a new weaving project.

I am going to weave a warm wool wrap... a little something to throw
around my shoulders when sitting in front of the fire on snowy days such as this.

Outside the window,
birds were busily flitting from branch to bird feeders.
Snowy days make for the best bird watching!

Oh, how I love snowy days!


Louise Stopford said...

Beautiful photo's of your farm in the snow - what a magical place.

Colleen said...

I bet you had a lot of happy barnyard friends to see you back.
I really enjoy my feeders right before a storm especially when the cardinals stop by.Mr cardinal is so beautiful against a snowy back ground.
Can you explain more on how the weaving process works?

daisy gurl said...

I am so enamored with the snow since we moved to NC. It snowed overnight and you should have seen me at the window this morning. Like a kid on Christmas morning! It is so amazing.

Glad you got out to see your critters.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

me too! living in the city, snow is a blessing because the city is at it's quietest! it also looks it's cleanest! it's snowing here right now. i will be so sad when it melts this weekend.

Velva said...

The farm landscape is beautiful. Enjoy the tranquility and coziness the snow brings. Even here in Florida we had real snow (crazy) and for a few minutes we enjoyed the beauty even for the north Florid landscape.

Happy new year to you!


Missy George said...

Glad you can get out!! Be careful...Pretty snow.I was out at 11 last night just as it stopped.Had to go back for my camera..Beautiful..Great Cardinal shot.

diane in northern wis said...

Such beautiful pictures Bev. Can't wait to see your comfy wrap when you get it done. Take it easy and you'll be healed in no time!

Lynne said...

Beautiful pictures Bev . . .
Happy you were able to get out to the barn for a bit.
I am sure the “family” was happy to see you . . .
I agree . . . freshly falling snow has its own magic . . .
Looking forward to seeing the piece you weave . .
Some more indoor time being tender and patient will help your injury I am sure.


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