Monday, January 22, 2018

As The Snow Melts...

It's grey and somewhat foggy out...
the result of warmer temps and melting snow adding moisture to the atmosphere.
It's that time of year that some describe as gloomy.
To me, grey days are peaceful, restful and perfect for indoor pursuits.
I love a grey day!

It was a quiet weekend here at the farm.
Hubbs drove north to snow country to visit with his parents for the weekend,
while I stayed home to tend the farm.
Amanda, who had stayed at the farm last week to help out,
remained here until Sunday.

Although I enjoy the solitude of chores, it is nice to have another set of hands...
especially during the winter times.
Winter chores are always complicated by ice.
Manure freezes and becomes harder to dislodge making the daily clean-up take longer.

In order to give the dogs the exercise that they crave, we took a hike through the woods.

Sid was in the pasture as we walked up the hill towards the woods,
so we stopped for a little chat.

I love photographing Sid... he knows how to work it for the camera!

Then onward to the woods we hiked.
Every time I set foot in our woods, I see something of interest.
This time it was a patch of these tiny (3 inch) fir trees growing amidst the snow...
the snow dotted with countless numbers of deer tracks.

I was amazed to see buds on some of the trees...

We drove to town Saturday night to have dinner with our "littles" Mackenzie and Easton.
During food prep, Mack pushed her chair across the kitchen so that she could
stand beside her Daddy and help.

Mack's daddy (my son) is an amazing cook!  
Dinner was chicken piccata and homemade pasta and salad.

Our contribution to dinner was homemade chocolate chip cookie sandwiches
with vanilla Hagen Das ice-cream.


The weekend afforded me plenty of time for the things I love...

cuddling with the donkeys...

finishing my weaving project.

and taking it off the loom.
Ivy could barely wait to curl up in this soft fabric that she was sure I had made just for her!

The finished fabric...

big enough to use for a wrap,

Soft and supple enough to use as a scarf.

Still inspired from Saturday night's dinner, I decided to use the pasta flour that I had in my pantry

and make some of my own pasta.

I also mixed up a sourdough bread starter. 
(1 cup whole wheat flour and ½ cup water)

This will sit for 24 hours in a controlled environment to allow the wild yeast in the flour.
to begin working.
I placed it in the oven with the oven light on to maintain a warmer room temperature than
in our house.
I'll keep you posted on the progress of the sourdough.


Colleen said...

What a fun post.... I love it all!!
I do want to mention that Sid sure is handsome.

WendyFromNY said...

What a lovely,leisurely weekend! I think your "trees" are actually a clubmoss commonly called Princess Pine (Lycopodium obscurum). What you see are mature plants. But, I could be wrong...

daisy gurl said...

What a fabulous weekend! I'm glad you had company for chores.

What a beauty that Sid is! So regal.

So many wonderful memories were created from homemade food shared with loved ones, to creating something gorgeous and useful.
I'd say that's a pretty well-rounded weekend!

Beverly Frankeny said...

Wendy...I do believe you are right about that...I remember reading that somewhere. To me, they just look like tiny fir trees for tiny fairies!!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

that wrap!!! just gorgeous! my god it is tempting me to get a loom! isn't homemade pasta just the best. what a perfect weekend!

Kay Saylor said...

Thanks for the pics of Sid. He reminds me of my Sid who used to look a lot like him.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those selfies of you and the donkeys are just perfect! And it is, indeed, a gorgeous wrap.

Missy George said...

Sid is very handsome..I saw some bulbs sticking their little heads up today..The geese are headed North..Everything is screwed up!! Dinner sounds great..Good to have such good cooks in the family..Your wrap is lovely..Bet it's warm..Cats have a way of making things their own..Have a good week..

diane in northern wis said...

Such a great post today. Such good pictures! I didn't know you could hike....sounds like you're doing a lot better! Love your new shawl/ pretty. Love those turkeys....they always look so regal! Love your donkeys. Ooh that dinner looked delish at your son's place, including the dessert! And now you're starting sourdough! Good for you. I just got done making the Amish Friendship Bread Starter....a recipe someone gave me about 40 years ago and I just got around to finally making the starter! The bread turned out delicious. and now I'm going to try other variations using butterscotch for one and probably chocolate for the other! Great things to do in the winter! Love your blog.

Laura Franken Sudderth said...

That scarf is stunning! You are so talented.

Lynne said...

Love those SID pics . . .
And your woven piece is beautiful . . .
Ask your son when he is stopping over here to make dinner . . .


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