Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekend Surprises

There is nothing better than a cold winter walk in the woods.
Fresh, clean air fills your lungs making you feel immediately healthier.

I love the woods in winter... the stark stillness.
There is no canopy to block the sun, 
but rather the skeletal branches of trees that have already shed their 
dry crunchy leaves.
Those same leaves make every footstep crackle, giving all of the forest
residents a warning of our approach.

Invariably a trip to the woods will yield sightings of deer
or turkeys.

Saturday's hike provided us with a special surprise.
What was that?
There in the distance, about a hundred yards in front of us...
(my camera had a hard time focusing on her.... I only had my small camera with me)

A Jersey cow... a most unexpected woodsy visitor.
She spooked when she saw us and headed into the woods.

We checked the game cameras and sure enough...

there she was... passing by the tent.

Once home, I got on the computer and messaged all of our neighbors with cows.
No one claimed her.

We made a visit to all of the dairy farms in the area.
No one was missing a Jersey cow.

Later in the weekend, we went back to the woods with halter in hand...
searching for the lonesome wanderer.
It's been very cold this week so I was quite worried about her.
The good thing is there is much shelter to be had in the woods,
and in the middle of the woods is a large meadow full of grass...
so she will have plenty to eat.
There are streams nearby for water... I only hope she can find them.

We deposited some hay near our tent and put the game cameras in that area.
We will continue to check the cameras and look for our mysterious bovine visitor.
Hopefully we will be able to catch her before winter brings
harsh weather our way!
We'll keep you posted.

The rest of our weekend was spent mostly at home,
enjoying the decorations,

(yes, it's true...there is rarely room for humans on our couch!)

in front of the fire,

listening to our favorite holiday music,

and baking and decorating more cookies...

and more cookies....

Chester has settled in quite nicely and is learning our routine.
He seems very happy with his new living arrangements and spends a lot of time
observing the older dogs.

He's a fast learner and very eager to please.

Every new activity is a little scary...

but, by the second time, he seems to understand and joins in willingly.

He's learned all about moving horses

 and seems to enjoy our trips to and from the pastures...
leading the way back to the barn as we all follow.

This little fellow is going to be the perfect farm dog.
Looks like we are all very lucky!


Colleen said...

I sure hope Jersey, The Jersey Cow finds her way back home or you are able to get a halter on her. I hope the mystery is solved so we don't have to worry that she's out in the cold.
Sure wish I could decorate cookies like you, I would go into the cookie business!
Chester knows a good thing and has decided to mind his P's and Q's.

Karen Ann said...

Your cookies are a work of art!

And the dogs take over our couch and chairs too - it is what it is :-)

Louise Stopford said...

Just checked in today (usually miss Friday's post as I am in work all day) and I am so glad that Chester has found his forever home with you. He was a gorgeous puppy and he is making a very handsome boy (gosh how he has grown). So glad it was a happy ending for Chester, he is going to absolutely love living with you all. Wonder where that Jersey cow came from. Hope you can solve the mystery and no harm comes to her.

daisy gurl said...

A brisk hike in the woods sounds like an ideal way to spend some time. I am slowly acquiring a winter wardrobe, as we now live in a colder climate. Any suggestions?

Your cookies are superb! Almost too pretty to eat!

Hope Ms. Jersey finds her way home.

Enjoy your day!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

omg....the dogs on the sofa are so funny! how does one lose a cow? the cookies are perfect!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my. Chester looks like a cattle dog, so it is funny to hear he leads the pack rather than herding the "four" and "two legs". Recently, we lived in a rural area of Oregon and in 23 yrs of living there, we, along with neighbors, had visits from escaped cows. One neighbor ended up w/2 cows which he did everything legally required to find owners. Failing that, he ended up with a small amount in his freezer and a majority going to the food bank and senior center. Another neighbor, repeatedly, had a herd (7+) show up in their yard. Our cats are like the dogs. One cat "nests" in the cushions on the back of the sofa (after baking in front of the fire), while the other takes her turn "baking".

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That is one adventurous cow.

Patsy said...

Love those ears on Chester!

farm buddy said...

I hope you can find the owner of the Jersey heifer. Cows hate to be alone, and it seems very odd that she is out running around like that. I bet you would love a family cow! I milk one Ayrshire cow and share the milk with my dogs and pigs, in addition to making yogurt.

Laura Franken Sudderth said...

When I had a little farm we had cattle dogs and my goodness they are the best breed to have around any farm. You got yourself a good one there!

Missy George said...

Is there to be some mooing at BHA? Are there still cows at the bottom of the hill..If not, maybe she escaped during the moove ;) Maybe she heard about BHA and how nice it was to live there..Glad Chester is working out. Your cookies just keep getting prettier..Your home is lovely..warm, friendly and so inviting...xxoo

Jeri Landers said...

I've missed out on a lot, I didn't know you had a new doggie. I sure hope you find the cow, so strange that she has wandered far from home; wherever that may be. It made me think of a time I was driving down a county road as a cattle truck was passing me, suddenly a cow fell out of the back of the truck, stood up and went running down the road away from the truck. The driver obviously had no idea about his "Loss". I suppose I should have turned my car around and notified him, but I didn't. Maybe that cow ended up in the woods too!

MN dreams said...

I loved the cookies. You have added so much detail. I do not know if I would have the patience. So how did you put blush on the snowman faces? I watched the video and you make the cookies look so easy. You are a very talented person!!! Merry Christmas!

An American in Tokyo said...

BEAUTIFUL Christmas decorations and BEAUTIFUL cookies!!!
I wish I could smell all the lovely scents!

I hope you find the lost cow soon!


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