Thursday, December 7, 2017


Family matters took me away from the farm yesterday.
I drove my Mom to visit her older sister in a nursing home,
in her home town.

An old estate lies on the fringe of town.
I noticed it along the way and decided to stop for a few photos of its residents...
most of whom were busy scratching itches!

To me there is nothing cuter than an alpaca.

Such big eyes!

And that cute little smiley mouth.
To me, they are the French poodle of the camelids.

There is a part of me that would love to have a few alpacas.
The thing is... I think we have enough animals at present.

It's very easy to become an animal hoarder...
which doesn't end up well for the animals or the hoarder.

And so... in this case I will have to enjoy these delightful animals
 on someone else's farm.
Just stopping for a visit made me very happy!

This same estate has this creche in front of their mansion house...

I thought it quite remarkable.
Meanwhile, back at home... the living room tree is up and decorated.

Most of the ornaments were made here on the farm...
wooden bears and stags heads on our north woods inspired tree.

The mantle...

The weather has finally turned colder and I am in heaven!
Time to get a fire roaring in that fireplace.
(and eat some cookies!)


Colleen said...

Who couldn't love an alpaca?!?!? 💚
A life size creche must of been amazing to see!
As always, I love seeing your decorating.
Would you happen to have a ginger snap cookie recipe that goes above and beyond?

Louise Stopford said...

Those alpacas are so adorable. Loved the little white one. Don't know much about alpacas at all, think I might google them and see what info I can find out. They really are cute!! Your tree looks amazing, as always. Sounds nice getting a roaring fire going and enjoying the comforts of home when the weather turns cold. Now you have given me a little festive spirit so it's time this weekend for my tree to go up ... and get the fire going ... and enjoy. Thanks for the inspiration.

GeorgiaHoneyBee said...

So beautiful!! When we moved to Georgia, we almost purchased an alpaca farm with 15 alpacas! Someone beat us to the punch, and by the time we made an offer, the property was under contract. The lady harvested the fibers and dyed them and sold the most wonderful yarn. Her products were soooooo beautfiul. And her alpacas were of special lineage. Very interesting. Your home is beautiful. Hope to get ours decorated this weekend. Have an awesome day!

Marsha said...

Youe house looks great! And I too love alpacas!

Patsy said...

Love the tree. Makes me smile.

Lady Jane said...

I love the alpaca's too. They are so dang cute!! What a nice crèche. I really need to get my Christmas hat on or it will be here before I know it. I would love to sit in front of that wonderful fireplace with a mug of hot cider. Hugs, LJ

Marsha said...

This is so you Bev!

Missy George said...

Alpacas..such pretty faces..Your tree is beautiful as are your other decorations..xxoo

Robyn said...

Hi Bev, Its been quite some times since I've been on Blogger but last night I moved my blog back to blogger from Wordpress and I am much happier on blogger an back to reading the blogs I'm truly interested in .. I SO agree with you on Alpaca's . I think they are just the most adorable. I always wanted one but there's no way I could care for one so like you, I admire some else's.. I LOVE your tree!!! Its so country Christmas... My goodness that Creche is gorgeous.. Loved all the photos.. Thanks for sharing the with us :)


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