Constipation....Nothing to Yawn About!

Everyone knows that yawning is contagious...
but did you know that it is also contagious across species.
If you have a dog, you may well be aware that dogs often yawn after
hearing or seeing their human yawn.
Armed with this knowledge, 
I thought I would give it a try the other morning with one of the horses.

Dr. Becky's horse Sid was out grazing in the pasture next to our horses.

Because Sid was next to the fence and my horses were busy eating, 
I thought I would give it a try with Sid.

"Hey there, Sid.  whatcha up to?"

"Just hanging out watching the other horses, with whisker-cicles on my chin!"

I mustered the biggest yawn I could, right next to Sid.
Low and behold...

Its worked!

A little later it was time for everyone to go back to the barn.
I hiked out and put halters on the ponies...

And Scarlet...

Red and Ollie...

And led everyone back to the barn in two shifts.

Ordinarily, Moonbeam tags along and walks himself back to the barn.

But on this particular morning he wasn't interested in following his herd.

Instead, he made a bee-line back up to the upper pasture to visit a little longer with Sid.
(that is a little, lone apartment building across the street from our upper pastures)

Back up to the upper- most pasture I hiked with halter and lead rope in hand.
A peppermint treat... and we started our walk together back to the barn.
Me, singing my usual "I'm being followed by a Moonshadow...." as we walked.
It is, after all, Moonbeam's song!

I've never talked much about Dr. Becky's pony, Shirley.
Here she is...

Look familiar?
Yes... she is a sister to my Donnie and my Scarlet.

Last week I mentioned that Annie and Oakley were having some health issues.
I am happy to report that both are doing much better.
(never mind the fact that they are not smiling... they don't much like having their pictures taken)
(except Sam... of course... he's quite a camera hog)

Hubbs has weaned Oakley down to a low dose of prednisone, which we will keep him on...
and he has done quite well on it.

Annie, after a week of anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and a trip to the vet, is doing much better as well.... barely limping any more.  The lump next to her left elbow has decreased in size as well.

This weeks worry is my sweet Chloe.
She developed colic over the weekend...
most likely constipation due to the change in her diet.

Dr. Becky passed a tube yesterday morning through her nose and into her stomach...
giving her a bolus of water and mineral oil to help loosen her up.
She should be back to her old self by today.

We will be stopping the barley straw and putting her back on small feedings of hay.
Donkeys are a definite challenge when it comes to keeping the weight off.
Chloe looks great right now.
Daphne?  still rather chunky!

There is a great responsibility when keeping animals,
both in keeping them healthy as well as happy!


Colleen said…
Happy to hear Annie and Oakley are doing better.
Moonshadow, Moonshadow 🎢🎡🎢🎡🎢
Dee J. Hartman said…
I just took a big yawn after seeing your horse yawn! LOL
daisy g said…
Your critters are in such capable hands. Glad most are feeling better, even if they had to go through a bit of unpleasantness to get there!
Love that song!

Enjoy your day!
Unknown said…
The donkeys look great Bev. We keep straw out for our mules for a snack when the hay is gone. Never for only primary feed. There is no nutritional value so they get no vitamins, minerals, nothing from straw, it's just a stomach filler. Glad the girls are doing better. All minis have bellies. It's the neck thickness you have to watch. They look great! Don't worry. Mini donks are known for their bellies, even show minis have bellies. :)
jaz@octoberfarm said…
glad everyone is feeling better. get ready for the big chill!
This N That said…
Happy that the pups are coming along..always good news..Mollie yawns more than I do..Do cats yawn?? Interesting..
diane in northern wis said…
So glad to hear the pups are doing better, Bev. Sorry to hear about Chloe though. I hope that by now she is doing better too. You sure take good care of your animals and I love that you share what's happening with all of us. Thanks for a great blog.
Louise Stopford said…
Glad that the dogs are feeling better. Hope sweet Chloe makes a speedy recovery. Animals are such a worry at times. My little hen was feeling poorly yesterday and lethargic - so out of character for her - and I was worried sick all day. Thank goodness this morning she has perked up but oh, the worry!!!
An American in Tokyo said…
Never knew about the yawns!
I'm gonna have to try it next time I'm at the riding club! ha ha!

I hope everyone is feeling better!