Thursday, November 2, 2017

Rainy Day Reflections

You might think that with outside farm work to do...
that I might not like rainy days.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
I learned long ago that the only way to endure the ever-changing weather is to embrace it.
And so, I have learned to love rainy days.

With gardens, meadows, streams, ponds and forests all dependent upon water
for life... rainy days are essential!

And so, we don our rain gear and dive into the day as if it were no different 
that the sunniest, blue-skied day.
The work gets done... and even extras.

And when it's all done, the wet clothes are removed...
and a cup of hot tea, or soup warms us up from the inside out.

steaming cup of lemon verbena tea from the garden.
I love the peace and quiet of a rainy day...
the sound of water trickling down the downspouts...
the sound of horses hooves as they suction into the mud of the dry lot.

Life slows down just a little.
Some are content to stay inside looking out.

And some revel in the extra moisture on the ground.

I sat and watched the runner ducks yesterday as they ran, 
slapping their little orange rubbery feet in the mud...
running their bills through the mud in search of who-knows-what.

These three have added so much to barn life.

They are settled in their daily routine and fill their days running in and out of the barn...
never more than a couple hundred feet away.
They explore the grass, the dry lot, and the edge of the woods...
but always with one eye on home...
and the other eye watching for signs of danger.

These three are so connected...they are never far away from each other,
and with the exception of Fancy Nellie's multiple daily baths,
are always engaged in the same activity.

I have come to believe that there is far less that separates us from our
animal friends than most people think.
I look deep into the eyes of my animals and sense a wide range of emotions
and a soul not much different from my own.
If only they could express their thoughts to us... perhaps then
mankind would treat them as they deserve to be treated.

It is written that mankind shall have dominion over the animals.
In my heart of hearts, I believe that the true meaning of this was to be stewardship.

And now you see the value of a rainy day...
it makes me stop, slow down, and reflect on this amazing world.
I love the rain!


Louise Stopford said...

Love the photo's of the runner ducks. They look as if they have really settled in to farm life and are enjoying themselves (and that's what it's all about). Animals are just the best.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love those runner ducks!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

those ducks are fascinating creatures. i think most animals are much smarter than humans. when i looked into teddy's eyes i saw the soul of the universe. i miss her so much. i prefer rain to all other weather.

daisy gurl said...

Rainy days are a wonderful treasure. The hope that the raindrops bring are a daily reminder of how precious life is and that it must be sustained through Mother Nature's blessings. I love working out in the garden on a rainy day, knowing that a hot shower and warm slippers await me inside when my chores are done.

Glad those runner ducks learned to venture out without fear. Isn't it funny how just the one is the bath taker and the other two could care less? ;0D

molliemax said...

Day to day we see how man kind treats man kind. Maybe the animals are better off keeping their thoughts to themselves. Those that we are close to convey their feelings somehow. I, too, love the rain. Enjoy your day


I miss living in a mobile home and hearing the rain on the metal roof--
and I enjoy a good thunderstorm--
love those runner ducks--am so glad that you got them--
enjoy the moments, di
(actually I don't have to say 'enjoy the moments', to you--you do a great job of it all on your own!!)

Karen said...

Being a native to the Pacific Northwest - you better love rain (and I do!). In fact I get depressed when there are too many sunny days in a row:)

As always - love your blog. I look forward to it every day - thanks for sharing your farm life!

deodar said...

The runner ducks are so funny. My neighbor down the road has them but she can't let them free range when it rains. It seems they discovered that the worms come out on the pavement then so there they go, all abreast, marching down the road.

deodar said...

ps rainy days are the only time my house has any hope of getting cleaned

diane in northern wis said...

I love the rainy days too Bev and always love your stories about what's going on around the farm. Love those Nellies too...and now there's "Fancy Nellie" always primping in the pool. Thanks for such enjoying pictures and stories around your place. Always a joy to visit here!!!

Carine said...

Thank you for this wonderful post. As you, I do think animals are a smart as humans, and have a more refined instinct. Animals speak to us in their language, but we humans never took the time and effort to learn it. I think that sheep are created with a "collective mind" not an individual one, so this gives us the impression they are not as smart. I have only lived with dogs and cats but I have learned a lot from them and still am. Carine from France

Emma JO said...

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