Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Equine Rockstars

There are afternoons, once in a while,
in which the chores are done with time to spare.
In this heading-into-dormancy time of year, 
I find myself with a little extra time on my hands.
Yesterday was one of those days, so Hubbs and I took advantage of the extra time
to groom our herd.

With the recent rains and soggy ground,
everyone was looking a little grungy.
Hooves were mud-covered and bridle paths were looking 
like overgrown gardens.

One by one, Hubbs and I curried and brushed and clipped and picked hooves...
until each and every one of our horses and ponies looked handsome
and well-loved.

They are well-loved, of course... but at times they look like wretched street urchins.

Donnie Brasco, the sweetest, gentlest (and fastest) pony ever.
I am sure that everyone who owns equines
feel that their horse is the most handsome in the world.
I certainly do.
And... this one... well, he might just possibly actually be the most handsome of all...
his lovely blue eyes making him look like a carousel horse.

And, oh, so photogenic!
(You might notice how close to his hind end Sam has chosen to lie.
Our horses and dogs co-exist perfectly.

Red definitely knows that he is all gussied up...
and works it for the camera.
He's an equine rockstar!

This one?

Always a character!
He may be the smallest,
but he has more personality (mostly imp-ish) than the rest combined.

Ollie never developed the lovely, thick forelock and mane that his brother Red has.
I believe this might be due to the fact that he was orphaned young in life
and lacked the proper nutrition while he developed.
(He refused milk-replacers... living on hay and vitamin supplements
much earlier than normal.)
Regardless, he is still lovely...with his one blue eye and one brown.
Lovely... but a stinker through and through!

Everyone seems to enjoy grooming sessions...
one more thing to break up the day.
With peppermint treats for good behavior
and lots of nose-kissies...
it ends up being fun for all!

Our only female...Scarlet... lovely highlights grace her mane.

In the end, Moonbeam looks quite regal!

His photo is cropped, however, to cut out this part...

as he proceeded to pee a small lake....
part of the reason that the dry lot never is... dry!

Not one to remain clean for too long,
Moonbeam shows off his lovely tail and his muddy hooves.
At least he didn't roll.... yet!


Louise Stopford said...

They all brush up very nicely indeed. It's hard to keep horses and ponies looking clean this time of year. Ollie definitely seems like the cheekiest one of your herd. I think Scarlet is beautiful - what type of personalities do Scarlet and Donnie have? They look to be very gentle ponies.

Beverly Frankeny said...

They are extremely gentle and willing...although Scarlet is sometimes a bit wary.

Dee J. Hartman said...

Bev, I always enjoy your blog!!!

Patsy said...

Beautiful horses and I love those "Littles"! Thanks for the pics.

Missy George said...

Potty post!!! Lovely looking equines..

Brett said...

Nice looking crew, do you drive them or use them in any way?I Speak Cow

deodar said...

Hahaha, I always try to get out of there fast after grooming so I don't see them rolling in the dirt!


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