Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wrestling Match

The pictures for this post were taken over the span of an hour
as I cleaned the front pasture yesterday afternoon.
You'll notice that the weather pattern is quite erratic...
snow one moment, sunshine another.

That's pretty much the way it has been around here lately.
It's as if Winter and Spring have been involved in a wrestling match...
each gaining control a day or two at a time.

By this weekend it is to be back up into the high 50's...continuing on into next week.
And yet...we still have a little snow on the ground.
It's been a weird winter.

Nonetheless, the chores go on...
no matter the weather.

As I drove the gator around the pasture, Sammy rode shotgun.

He stayed in that seat for a whole hour...
I presume he was too tired to walk.

Yup.  Exhausted!

Oakley, my old man has quite the developed olfactory sense
and like a pig hunts for truffles, he moves about through the pasture...
nose to the ground...

sniffing out piles of manure.

And with a discriminating palate, he taste-tests them as well.

Annie, as always, keeps watch over the pasture.
You never know when a bunny or squirrel will enter the territory and need to be chased.

After a morning of pasture exercise, the horses are taking their afternoon nap.

That is until I approach the fence and they all come over for a chat.

By the time I reach the donkeys, the snow has begun again.
No chatting for these donkey divas... no, snow might mess up their coifs...
so they stay inside.

Of course here I am out in the snow squall getting covered.
But then, I am much less vain than these gals!
And not half as cute!


The JR said...

I'd be inside with the donkey gals. Not because I'm worried about my hair doo, but because I hate cold white stuff flying outta the sky.

Junebug said...

I agree with wrestling match weather this year. I'm way over snow this year and will agree with the donkeys and stay in where it is warm. Hurry up Spring!

NanaDiana said...

LOL at your "truffle" sniffer....He takes "truffles" to a whole new Great pictures. xo Diana

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ha ha, donkey divas!

Missy George said...

What ever the weather is at the moment , it is bound to change in the next hour or so..Crazy..
We are suposed to be at 60 Sat, Sun and Mon. Days are longer and the Finches have a bit of a yellow glow..

Lynne said...

Weather Wrestling Match here too . . .
My Hellebore is peeking through . . .
They are hearty but not usually this early.
Years past they were covered with several feet of snow.
This year . . . mid February we are snow free . . . with patches of green.


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