Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We're Freezing!

At whom is pregnant Missy smirking?

"What's wrong with those dogs?"
Well it must be the boys in their winter coats...

"Hey Mom, my butt's a little cold!"
a sight she has never seen before.

"I can't run in this silly thing!"
We have not had winter weather this cold for a few years.
With temperatures this low, I thought it prudent to put coats on the boys
as they accompanied me on my morning rounds.
(Yes, Sammy's coat is a little small!)

"Do YOU like my coat?"

Even the horses thought it odd,
and spent quite a while sniffing these strange looking outfits.
(Please excuse the manure piles...I still had that chore to do after pictures.)

"Smell's funny!  What do you mean...'how can we tell?'"
With the extra hay provisions given to the horses at night,
I am met by oodles and oodles of frozen manure in the mornings....
some of which requires a pick-axe to un-earth.

It has been so cold this week, that the Frat boys
(my extra roos) have been spending much of their day in our garage with Bobby cat.

Ole Roy is still hanging in there...
spending most of his time in the henhouse,
with an occasional visit to the chicken yard.

I am no chicken diagnostician, but he acts as though he has had a stroke.
As long as the other roosters leave him alone,
I will keep him with the hens.
They at least provide a little diversion for him.


Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

It's gotta be cold on those chicken legs and feet!! Poor dears!
It's finally getting cold here in Georgia! We need it to kill the bugs! Had wayyy too many stink bugs and spiders this summer and fall!

Anonymous said...

Does he have one leg that isn't working well and a droopy wing? Could be Marek's. Not much you can do for him if that is the case. You may want to quarantine him from your other birds. He could be shedding the virus. It is a very common disease that wild birds can bring into your flock. Birds are carriers until under stress, then the symptoms start.

Heather in PA

Junebug said...

From your pictures everything looks cold. I bet the boy are thankful for their winter coats even if they are not use to them. Jazi has one a friend made out of two layers of fleece with velcro closers. It sure is easy off and on plus she doesn't mind wearing it. Best part, it is soft, snuggley and washable.

Stay warm dear friend and snuggle in yourself! Hugs!!

Meghan Grace said... home state of Minnesota is getting hit hard this week too! I'm glad that all your babies are safe and sound and warm-LOVE the doggie coats! Hope you are staying cozy warm too, Bev! Hugs, Meghan

jaz@octoberfarm said...

cold here too. i turned my heat from it's normal 50 degree setting to 52. that is a big move for me! i hate to think what teddy would do with that pile of poop. eat it, roll in it. then eat some more. she loves her a big pile of horse poop!

Gayle said...

I second the Mareks for Old Roy. Either that or bumble foot if he's carrying his foot.

Love the dog coats, your's are much better at keeping them on than mine are!

Country Gal said...

It is really cold here as well . Nice photos .Cute coats for the pooches I bet the other animals thought they looked weird if they aren't used to seeing them wearing them ! Hope the hens don't pick on Ole Roy they can be nastier then roosters at times at least we had a few in our hen house like that talk about bitchy lol ! Stay cozy and have a good day !

Missy George said...

If Sammy is going to give up his coat, Mollie likes that color..Might be a little big :)..Better save it for the little dog you're going to get some day...She gets a lot of use out of Hickorys old one..May she rest in peace...

Karen said...

Same frigid weather in CT. Shattered my horses water tub.. stupidly, should have known plastic would do

Stay warm!

a view from a brown dog said...

Love that everyone has their blankets and heat lamps on, I hope you are bundled up too,brrrr. I just read your last post as well and super love pig smiles, so cute :) Stay warm friend.

Sherri said...

I love the post, coats, and pictures!

Katmom said...

whodoggies! from our cold back yard... to yours,,, stay warm.. & keep on stitchin'


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