Across the lane from the main area of our farm (where we house our animals) is an additional 88 acres of woodlands.  We take forest stewardship seriously and have enlisted the help of a forestry consultant to keep our woods healthy.  

Every 15 years or so we have the largest trees of the forest cut so that the saplings can grow.  This keeps our woods healthy and young so that we will be able to enjoy them for our lifetime, and hopefully our children's lifetime.  This has also given us a lifetime (plus) supply of firewood.

Our woods are full of life.... fox, raccoon, squirrels, rabbits, bobcat, bear, white tail deer, turkey and more.

There are recreational trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

In the midst of the wood is a clearing where we have constructed our permanent elevated campsite. 

 It is a primitive campsite.  We carry in supplies (and carry out all trash).  It allows for a true back to nature camping experience.  The inner walls of the tent are mosquito netting, allowing for the raising of the outer canvas walls.  This makes summer camping quite cool and comfortable... safe from bugs and critters.


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