About Me

I'm Beverly, otherwise known as the Bee Haven Maven. 
I was born and raised in the suburbs....longed for the country.
  It took half a lifetime, but I am finally here!  

I am quite sure that in a previous lifetime I must have been a frontier pioneer...
mending or sewing for the family,
while a pot of stew cooks on the fire,
my foot slowly rocking my little ones to sleep in their cradle.

In my present life, 
my children are grown.
I am enjoying the bliss of grand-parenting my first of hopefully many grands.
I am caretaker to a small herd of horses,
a herd of goats,
flocks of chickens, turkeys, guineas and ducks,
as well as several barn kitties,
a handful of dogs,
two Sicilian donkeys
and two miniature pigs.

In whatever time is left over after the critters are tended,
you can find me in the garden or the kitchen, the sewing room,
or hiking in the woods with camera in hand.

I am married to my best friend  
and am lucky to have his support in all of my endeavors.

I am a country girl through and through...
striving for self-sufficiency...
hoping to walk softly upon this land...
leaving it a better place than when I arrived.


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