Monday, September 10, 2018

This and That

On Friday, I wrote that I would share some photos of where we are staying in Africa.
And since we had a rainy weekend... and I didn't spend any time outside, except 
for chore times,
I don't really have a weekend farm story to share.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Hurricane Florence stays at sea and does
not come inland.
Besides causing havoc to those in her path,
she may have an affect on our departure from Washington DC on Saturday.
Fingers crossed for all!

If we do make it off the ground, we will be arriving in Zambia on Sunday morning.
We will be staying in a rather remote part of Africa.
Our safaris will be in areas designated as national parks 
where the animals are protected from poachers.

Our first camp will be here for several nights...

The inside looks like this...

From there we travel to a bush camp which is quite a bit more rustic....

After four nights in the bush,
we return to Camp number 1( and running water) for a couple more nights.
We then fly on a small plane across the country to this camp.

There are more photos to see on their website.

In the mean time, this week will be filled with trips to the feed store to stock up,
mowing the farm,
and getting everything in order for our friends and family who will be taking over for us.

Indoor activities have filled my free time during this rainy time.
I spent a good part of yesterday baking and decorating these cookies
for a friend's granddaughter's second birthday.
She's having a Minnie Mouse party.

I've been working on this piece of embroidery...

and knitting this autumn wrap...

As for the animals... they are all staying under cover, out of the rain.
Summer's heat has left us.
And although the thermometer will eventually rise again...
the dog days of summer are over....
and Autumn is peeking around the corner.


  1. Thanks for sharing where you will be staying. What is hanging over the bed in the first place you will be? The cookies are sweet as can be... no pun intended, your embroidery is lovely and you know how I like to keep up with what you are knitting. Don't play yourself out this week, you will need lots of energy for Africa.

    1. Mosquito nets....over all the beds.

    2. I thought maybe that's what they were. Thanks

  2. what a trip this will be! we are drenched too. after all this time with no rain, we are now a swamp.i hope your departure isn't delayed!

  3. Praying safe travels for you! And may the animals and their caretakers be well also. Lisa G in TN

  4. Your first campsite is adorable. I'm really hoping that the hurricane doesn't dampen your trip! Cute mouse cookies.. Love your stitchery! Another wet day. Hopefully the last at least until the weekend.xxoo

  5. I pray you all make it off the ground and safe travels on your journey. I have a question about the embroidery. Do you trace your pattern and if you do, what type of pen do you use? I am in and out of embroidery and I have some patterns from that very ETSY seller and I love them. I have a lot of patience for a lot of crafts...but embroidery is something I have a hard time finishing. LOL.

    1. Laura... I print out my patterns on a self-adhesive piece of interfacing made by Sulky for use in printers.

  6. Wow, that's so exciting - those camps look pretty amazing!!! Have a safe and fabulous trip!

  7. Your trip to Africa looks like it will be a great adventure.

  8. diane in northern wisSeptember 10, 2018 at 9:36 PM

    Can't wait to see and hear all about your trip upon your return! Looks so fun. I remember the mosquito nets when I was in Uganda. Hope you have a wonderful time and that you can get out on time on Saturday! Prayers will follow you!

  9. Africa will bring you many stories of animals in the wild . . .
    Are you bringing any Ritz crackers with you?

    Sweet Minnie Mouse two year old birthday treats!


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