Thursday, June 14, 2018

My Gift To You

It seems that every week someone asks me...
"How's the book coming?"

Each time, I swallow hard and muster enough courage to say...
"I am stalled.  I am seven chapters in and have hit a dead end."

I have to be honest, I have avoided sitting down to write another chapter.
These questions go through my head...
"What next? I am out of chapter-long ideas."
"Is it good enough?"
(the greatest fear is putting yourself out there in writing and facing potential rejection)...
not that I had ever hoped to be a famous novelist.
No, I realize that I write for a small niche of readers who appreciate this sort of thing.
Like you.

And so, I spend my days just living.
Living... and chronicling the day to day moments...
not book-worthy stuff.

Now here's the thing.
I have seven chapters and I don't know where to go next.
Should I submit to magazines instead?
What to do... what to do...
Lately, instead of answering that question, I have just ignored it...
hoping that the mojo returns, or that someone will give me an idea
that becomes my springboard for prose.

In the meantime, however, I feel that I owe you this.
After all, stories are for sharing.
Words written and never read are meaningless.

So, today I am gifting you this:
(Each of the following is a link... to the same story)

A single chapter.   ( ←click there )

A story.  (← or there )

A chuckle.  (← or there )

A little piece of me.  (← or there )



  1. Hooray!!!!! This is awesome! I'll start reading it today!!!

  2. Just read it! Excellent! I'd read the book for sure just from reading this chapter. Well done. What a story teller.

  3. What is your intention with the writing? That's the central question when trying to decide what avenue to take with your writing.
    I will save some time to read your entries so that I can give them full attention.
    You, my dear Bev, are the gift we receive whenever you post.

  4. Just read the chuckle selection. Thoroughly enjoyed it.( Will read the others later. )
    Love the duck pictures.

    1. They are all the same..,.. just one chapter.

  5. I love the story! More, please?

  6. Loved reading this!! You definitely have a gift so don't give up on it. It doesn't matter how long it takes, just enjoy it! Thank you :-)

  7. That was great! Did you mean to just give us the chapter on the roosters? All the links lead to that one...

  8. Even though I knew the ending, I found it a wonderful read..You have such a gift ..I hope your writers block goes away so you can finish your book. You write too well not to share it.xxoo

  9. Bev, thank you for stepping out there and sharing this with us! It was an enjoyable, amusing look at a slice of your life and experience that many would not ever have and you do have a gift for spinning a good tale! I really can't imagine how daunting a job it would be to try and complete a many chaptered book. My only suggestion would be, if you continue to hit a creative writing wall, to look into writing a column for a particular genre of magazine. Especially one that does not publish monthly. A woman by the name of Edie Clark wrote a column for Yankee magazine called "Mary's Farm." It was one of their most popular features. Anyway, I would love to read more, so please continue!!

  10. Yes! I love it, your writing,how you've developed it, and the act of sharing with us, your readers! Just take a break, ideas and words will ferment and one day be ready to join the other chapters. Writing is hard work and, I think, cannot be forced. Just can't. Gotta let that muse re-surface when she will.

  11. diane in northern wisJune 15, 2018 at 9:37 PM

    Oh Bev, I absolutely loved your story about the roosters. You have such a great story-telling ability! I consider that a great gift! Thank you for sharing with us. It was wonderful.

  12. I really enjoyed the story, especially since I can relate to it. The first time a rooster hit me with his spurs I thought I'd been shot! He got out one day and our black lab mix got him. I honestly mourned his loss, he was so beautiful. I wonder if a rooster can be neutered and if that would eliminate the behavior?


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