Wednesday, June 13, 2018


We awoke to a spectacular dew-kissed world yesterday morning.

As the rising sun shone through the foggy morning air,
my asparagus patch was turned into a shimmering crystal realm.

Drops of dew hung on spiderwebs and turned them into intricate strings of 
transparent pearls.

It was the kind of morning I would have hated to miss...
and reinforced my love for rising early to catch the morning magic.

It was a day filled with moments...
moments of gratitude for the privilege of bearing witness to these simple beauties.

Most days are like this... just a collection of these types of moments.
Moments that, when strung together, form an intricate thread that...
when woven together...
forms the fabric of my life.

It's something that all of us receive... these moments.
The key is being present and aware and grateful.
Our moments may differ for each of us... but they are there...
ready to be strung together, woven, and wrapped around us...
this fabric of our lives.

As we worked our way through morning chores,
I found myself grabbing my camera to record what I saw.

I had stepped into a magical world that I wanted to share.

Simple moments that were beautiful to me...
and I knew you would find them beautiful as well.

To me, a well-lived life is nothing more than being present and grateful 
for the tiny moments that present themselves to us...
for these ordinary miracles that surround us.


  1. So true ... thank you for sharing your moments.

  2. Very true . . . exceptional photographic moments . . .

  3. Well said, beautifully photographed. I love the misty,dreamy pic of the sheep girls - it could be a painting. And the turkeys! Their blue and red match the shed trim and red flowers. Harmony everywhere!

  4. My favorite things...simple country pleasures, joy in the every day days. Thanks so much, Mary

  5. Don't faeries love to bathe in the dew?

  6. Wonderful moments. Beautifully said and photographed.


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