Wednesday, May 16, 2018


There is nothing sweeter than babies...
and farm babies are extra special!

Yesterday we welcomed 5 new runner ducklings to the farm.

We have no idea what our female to male ratio is...
although we are hoping it is higher on the female side.
Runner ducks are wonderful egg-layers.

For the present time they are living in a large trough in the barn under a heat lamp.
Eventually they will have the run of the large extra stall
(where the Nellies used to live).

Now.... these five little cuties need names.
Any suggestions??

The arrival of five little downy ducklings was exciting...
only to be surpassed by today's arrival of 24 newly hatched chicks.
I always feel such a great responsibility when newly hatched chicks or ducks arrive...
being responsible for so many little lives.
It will be fun to watch them all grow into adults...
with many adventures along the way.

The farrier came yesterday.
While he worked on hooves, I used the Furminator,
to remove a large portion of winter growth from the horses' coats.
By the time I was done, I had a muck bucket full of hair!

It's been a stormy week here on the farm.
The rain always seems to bring out the reptiles...
frogs, toad, and....

I swear I find this same turtle on our driveway every spring.
I just might have to name him as well.

Last, but never least...
you may remember that last summer our old Sammie tore his cruciate ligament.
We decided, based on his personality, that surgery would not be in his best interest.
Luckily, within 3 months he was completely recovered.

Well, our old Sammie has gone and torn another cruciate ligament.
He's once again hopping on three legs.
His activity level will not be affected all that much as he is in the habit of
hitching rides in the gator and settling into the most comfortable places for naps.

Given the success we had in natural healing last year...
we are going to follow that course again this year.
Oh, Sammie... you have the worst luck!

Hope you have a wonderful day.
I'll be spending mine snuggling with tiny feathered babies...
and worrying over them like a brand new mother.


  1. Oh I love those babies! Maybe flower names? One could be Daisy - ha,ha! And sorry for dear Sammie, poor fellow!
    It will be interesting to see how these little runner ducks will behave - probably not nervous duckies as they will have been raised by loving "parents."

  2. Well, since they're "runner" ducks, how about names having to do with running? Jogger, Marathon, Usain Bolt . . . .

  3. Patsy from IllinoisMay 16, 2018 at 9:42 AM

    I was thinking the same as Debra. Maybe Flo Jo, Bolt, Dash, Relay, and Nike.

  4. The Jacksons as in the Jackson 5. The Maroons as in Maroon 5.
    Have fun with the babies.

  5. Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo and Curly. I have no idea why, it just came to me. LOL

    I also like what Patsy said above -

  6. I remember how much fun it was to have baby chicks, I miss my chicken days!! Aww poor Sammie, he better learn to take it easy!

  7. How about 5 German words for duck names? 1 walking-Gehen, 2 running- Laufen, 3 flying-Fliegend, 4 jumping- Springen and 5 swimming- Schwimmen.

  8. Awe . . . sweet little baby fluff balls. Will be fun to see how they progress. Also good to know that a cruciate ligament will mend on its own. Sammie must be very healthy too, like all the critters you take care of.

  9. diane in northern wisMay 16, 2018 at 9:18 PM

    Love your sweet runner ducks....hope they grow up to be big and strong and as cute as the last ones! Billy, Willie, Millie, Lily, and Tillie! :)

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