Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Fairies Have Arrived!

When a day starts out with a sunrise like this...
there is no doubt that it is going to be a magical day.

We had the most magical of days yesterday.
Our fairies returned from their winter of deep sleep 
in our Hundred Acre Wood.

Luckily I had their new fairy garden ready for them.

It took them no time at all to settle in to the tiny house and gypsy wagon.

This fairy garden is just one of several here on the farm,
but it is the newest.
It's a special garden dedicated to our gypsy fairies...

those fairies who come and go...
passing through our countryside as they wander the world in search of
merriment and adventure...
in their tiny gypsy vardo...

pulled by a tiny unicorn.

I had tea set out to welcome them... although they prefer wine and song.
But it was early in the day... too early for wine.

I am often asked what plants I use in my fairy gardens.
Luckily, some of our local greenhouses have a good selection of tiny
terrarium-sized plants.

In this garden I used several varieties of creeping thyme along the front of the garden.
These will drape out over the front of the garden as the summer progresses.
I also used a variety of mosses,
tiny pink shamrocks,
dwarf stonecrop sedum, 
and string of pearls... which will also cascade down over the front with time.

Yesterday was made even more special by a visit from Amanda...


Mackenzie and their Mama.


  1. I love the fairy garden!! Do you paint the fixtures in the garden with anything to protect them from the elements? Or do they hold up pretty well Year over year?

    1. I have not painted them to protect them. Some have held up well, others need a bit of refreshing. I suppose a coating of something would be the smart thing to do....

  2. Wow, Amanda is a trend setter in new barn wear fashion.

    1. Yes...she always wears the latest farm girl fashions!!!

  3. truly magical! mackenzie is getting so big!

  4. Looks like happy family days
    and creative fairy gardens . . .
    Isn’t life grand!

  5. Love all of this! The fairies have a wonderful place to stay- great idea with the log! And got to love that caravan! They have always fascinated me.
    Beautiful family - and is Mackenzie enjoying a Ritz cracker- ;-)?

  6. Patsy from IllinoisApril 25, 2018 at 9:02 AM

    My fairies are delighted to read this post on their teeny tiny laptops. I am not sure where they found them or how they charge them when the batteries get low. They just look at me and roll their eyes when I ask them about it. Anyway, they would like to visit again this year. They had a wonderful time last year. They still like biscuits with their breakfast tea.

    1. Patsy, tell your fairies they are welcome whenever they would like to come. They may stay in the gypsy wagon. And there are lots of biscuits

  7. Your fairy garden is adorable. Some unusual things. I love Amanda's farm wear..very chic!

  8. Oh the Fairy Garden is too sweet. What a lovely idea to make one. And wonderful for you to have such special company!! Oh, and the sunrise photo is beautiful!!! A special day indeed to follow such beauty.

  9. That's a sweet little fairy garden no doubt! I have never planted one but perhaps some day I may just do that!

  10. Hi Bev. Hope you are well. I have missed you, your blog, and animals. Hope to be back soon.
    xo Kris

  11. Such a cute fairy garden . Lovely photos and post . I had a horse named Gypsy many years ago she was a blue roan . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !


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