Thursday, March 8, 2018

Room Service,

Yesterday's weather kept us inside by the fire -
except for the necessary feeding, watering, cleaning times.

No matter the weather, we are out with our animals at least three times each day...
tending to their needs and keeping the manure from over-running us.

And... providing room service...

for anyone who prefers to remain indoors.

I truly don't mind venturing out in just about any weather,
but I have to say, sometimes the lure of a toasty fire is hard to resist.

I am really getting the gardening itch.
It's that time of year when I start to feel a tingle of impatience 
just under the surface of my skin.
It's truly an itch that cannot be scratched just yet.

But... soon... very soon.
I normally have my sugar peas planted mid to late march...
so it won't be long now, not long at all.

We were lucky yesterday.
That Nor-Easter that hammered the eastern coastal regions skipped over us.
We started our day with snow...
then rain and snow...
but finished it a brief moment of sunshine followed by clouds.
Phew... dodged another bullet.

Although the weather keeps us from playing outdoors, we are never bored.

We bake...
(I frosted them with a butter/cream cheese frosting with lemon zest and the juice of a lemon)

a sourdough rye boule... 
(I would recommend King Arthur Flour's sourdough starter... it's been wonderful to work with)

and make...
(Note to Georgia Honey Bee... these critters are "medium" in difficulty.
Not so much difficult as time consuming.
The patterns are by Little Cotton Rabbits...easily found and purchased on Ravelry)

So, we dream and scheme for the days that lie ahead.
So much to do... so much to enjoy...
but... every thing has its season...
and the seasons pass quickly enough.


  1. Another recipe for us to try 💕
    A Nor-Easter is coming ourway today. I'm not as itchy for spring on days like today as I am on the warmer sunny days. We still have piles of snow.
    Your sheep pictures always melt my heart and makes me smile.

  2. Loved the photo's of the sheep - looked so content and cosy. I to am itching for Spring to arrive. Only just got rid of last weeks' snow and it's starting again. Really looking forward to warmer days and to get going in the garden. Think we will have to be patient a little longer though. Grey elephant looks adorable in his lovely new blue jumper.

  3. Thank you! I'm going to try to start knitting so that I can try one of the animals by year end. They are so cute!!!

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  5. these knitted critters are killing me. they are so cute! we didn't get the snow either. i am starting seeds next week. i'm getting itchy fingers too! your bread looks wonderful!

  6. HOW do you tell itchy fongers to be patient. Our weather is warming a little but still to early to plant. But that didn't stop me from buying a package of sweet peas seeds!

  7. We were very lucky with the weather once again..Room service sounds pretty good..
    Your baking makes my mouth water..I'd be the size of a barn if I lived there..Yum!! Love Sir Edgar..

  8. Last night I dreamed that when I woke up and looked out the kitchen window the yard was ablaze with the most incredible color - My impatient plants were 3 feet high with 8" diameter flowers - everything was super sized and abundant - tomatoes were the size of melons- I was in total awe and thought "wow that composted manure REALLY does work - I was happy as a lark -THEN I woke up here in Wisconsin - 19 degrees and snow on the ground - oh, yes, we are all getting anxious to get out there in the dirt and manure and "plant and grow away". Love Love your animals - Mary Ellen

  9. diane in northern wisMarch 8, 2018 at 9:06 PM

    You're so right about the seasons passing quickly enough. They seem that way to me too. I'm not one of those who grumble their way through winter. I take each day and week and month as it comes, knowing that soon enough....the next season will begin. There are things I love about each one so I try to enjoy them! Thanks for the great as ever pics around your place. Love seeing your animals whether inside or out...and your little knit projects are the cutest ever!

  10. Love, Love your little elephant!
    Adorable . . .


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