Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Very Short Story

Yesterday's comments yielded a question
 about how Ginger and MaryAnn came to live on the farm.
(I love questions...they make for easy blog ask away!!)

The answer to this question deserves it's own chapter,
(and it's one that is already written)
but I will give you a brief synopsis.

Our Tale of Two Piggies starts six and a half years ago.
(I can hardly believe it was that long ago!)
A blogging friend from West Virginia (Verde Farm) contacted me
to let me know that she had newborn Kunekune pigs and wondered if I was interested.

I could end the story right there...
because, of course, you know the answer.
The trip to West Virginia was exciting and full of drama.
Amanda and I made it a two day adventure... and oh what an adventure it was.
(sorry.... no spoilers)

The long and short of it is...
we brought two tiny piggies home in a dog crate...

They were only as big as our barn kitten, Leo.

They were adopted by our dear, sweet, beloved Maddie.
(who, sadly, is no longer with us... but waits for us under a big old tree in Heaven) 

My, how everyone has grown!

And you might recognize a few faces from their earlier days...

Young Sammie.

Tom, Chuck and Edith... only Tom (on right) remains.

There's Smilin' Jill... before her under-bite became so pronounced.

Just thinking about the six and a half years that these two piggies girls have spent with us
makes me smile.

Our farm family has filled my life with more joy than I ever thought possible...
and those two pigs are on the top of the joy heap.


It's snowing once again... the result of another Nor-Easter passing through.
As I sit here on the couch in front of the fire...

this fellow has draped himself across the back of my shoulders like a fur collar...

giving me kisses...

as I knit a sweater for this fellow....

Life is good.


  1. Isn't it lovely to look back at those wonderful memories and all those young faces. Where does the time go - everyone looks so young. You mention about Maddie waiting for you under a tree in heaven (what a comforting thought). Do you therefore think that we will meet all our animals again at some "stage"? I only ask this because I have wondered this so many times. Chester is adorable - what a sweet natured dog he seems to be and hasn't he fitted into farm life wonderfully. Little grey elephant is gorgeous, can't wait to see his new knitted jumper.

  2. Your creations are sooooooo adorable!!!

  3. How wonderful that day was when God joined y'all together. I don't know who is more blessed, the pigs or you. ;0D

    That Chester is just a love muffin, isn't he? So cute.
    Oh Moonbeam, your smile is contagious!

    Thanks for sharing your memories.

  4. For sure..happy snow...none here yet!

  5. Thanks for answering my question. Another question for you. Do pigs get fleas?

  6. Hard to believe they were once that small..What is it about the backs of couches that dogs love?? I guess they like being above it all..Adorable elephant..

  7. I remember reading that post like it was yesterday. That means I have been reading your blog for a at least 7 years. Time flies by so fast.

  8. oh that elephant!!! and those piggy babies! my god they were cute! they still are!

  9. Ahhhh . . . such a sweet story first thing in the morning. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hello! Your bunny and elephant are so adorable I can't stop thinking about them. I pack shoeboxes every year for Operation Christmas Child and those little creatures would make the boxes super special! I do not knit, but am going to give it a try. Are the animals super difficult to make? Do you advise trying a few other projects first? Thanks for any advice you can share!!

  11. Oh, Chester. He makes me laugh. It really is such a shame that he's struggling so much to fit in and feel at home on the farm! Ha ha.

    He acts as if he's been there for years ... he was clearly destined to join the farm life.

  12. diane in northern wisMarch 7, 2018 at 10:11 PM

    Aww what a cute story about your piggies. Love seeing all the old pictures and how tiny they were. You knit like a pro! Thanks for a great blog always.

  13. Oh my . . . these little piggies . . .
    Loved the doggie cuddle too!


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