Thursday, February 1, 2018


No two days are ever the same around here.
And although yesterday was sunny and beautiful like the day that preceded it...
instead of starting with a snow storm,
it started like this:

How can a day that starts off this way be anything but perfect!

The snow remains... the temperatures have plummeted again.
I am so happy that cold does not bother me.
That way I can love all four seasons equally!

I received some little gifts yesterday and the day before...
and I thought you might enjoy my sharing them with you...

Hubbs says that guinea eggs are the perfect size to put atop an English Muffin.
Looks like I had better get that new sourdough started so that I can make
some English Muffins.
If you've never made English muffins... they are quite fun to make.
We'll explore that on another day.
(And thank you for all of your sourdough suggestions... I am not giving up on this endeavor!)

I made a quick video of my kitchen to share with you.
If you are like me, it's always fun to see a little more of the inside of people's homes...
especially our blogging friends.

So, there it is... the scene of many culinary crimes...
and many delights as well!

Happy February, friends... the month of love... and more!


  1. You have such a beautiful home!

  2. your kitchen is wonderful! i love all of your scales! the pot filler is great. the pantry door too! all of it!

  3. You have a beautiful kitchen. Mine is a little thing but I can still turn out some good grub! Lol. Love seeing the dogs playing too.

  4. BEV, those eggs are almost too cute to open up, but that IS what they are for. It is amazing comparing the flavor of fresh eggs to store-bought. I won't even eat those pale yoked eggs anymore.
    YOU HAVE a DREAM kitchen, THAT is for certain! It is truly beautiful. I love all the HEADS hanging on the walls. What is the Large white object with the white creamer and cups sitting atop? A scale? A mixer? You have a wonderful sense of design.

  5. Love your kitchen, so cozy and inviting.

  6. I was wondering if you'd get guinea eggs! How neat!

    You're kitchen is beautiful, I admit I'm a little envious. :-) Love seeing all the counter space. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Jeri.... that big white behemoth is a scales. I have a passion for scales!!

  8. I enjoyed your videos -- my gawd, you've got cupboard space!

  9. Love the space and charm of your kitchen - you can easily see all good things happen there! The heart of the house. And the sunrise pics are so beautiful- can almost be there.

  10. Really lovely kitchen! My favorite parts being the pantry and deep window sills!

  11. I've never seen you kitchen looking so pristine ;) Cute videos..Happy February to you!!

  12. diane in northern wisFebruary 1, 2018 at 9:19 PM

    Thank you for showing us the guinea eggs Bev. And I especially loved seeing your huge kitchen. Wow you have a lot of counter space....that's sooooo nice. And you always seem to have so much ambition for creating delicious things there. I wish I had half of your ambition! Your family is very lucky indeed! Thanks for a great blog....always so interesting!

  13. Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us. It's beautiful! And those little guinea eggs are adorable. They look about the size of some pullet eggs we got this fall. BTW, I think I'm probably not the only one who would like for you to share a few of your favorite recipes!?

  14. Beautiful morning photos and tour of kitchen. Fun to try other kinds of eggs, especially home grown. You're right, they all taste a little different, but are all good. I remember liking goose eggs - so big - you only need one for breakfast. LOL.


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