Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Brief Taste of Spring

Yesterday morning, I headed out for morning chores to see rising sun...
which was actually shining...
and my heart sang!

Blue sky, warm breezes, rays of sunshine reaching down to touch the soggy earth...

it was a taste of spring in the middle of winter.

For the first time in months,
I worked to the song of robins... more robins than I could count...

busily enjoying their wormy breakfasts in the pastures.

We walked the horses up to the upper pastures as a treat...
a sunny morning to enjoy before the next four days of rain arrive.

Their hooves squish-squished in the spongy earth.

The earth just cannot hold another drop of water!

This is what happens to horses this time of year...

Yikes!   I need to ride him through a car wash!!

After so many mucky days, sunshine doesn't go un-noticed!
Everyone was out running around in the sunshine yesterday.
And believe it or not... by afternoon the thermometer read 77 degrees!

Winter is not over... we still have March weather ahead of us...
but what a wonderful taste of spring we had yesterday.

Even the garden began to wake-up just a little!

I spent several hours off the farm taking care of one of my Littles...
who was home with croup....
but before I left for town, mixed up a batch of sourdough bagels and set them on the counter to
rise for the day.

While I was gone, Hubbs mixed up a loaf of sourdough bread and set it out to rise.
(He's been studying bread baking, amongst other things, in his retirement.)

By late afternoon, the bagel dough was ready and we cut the dough...
formed it into bagel shapes...

boiled it and baked it...

Not bad for our first attempt.
As for Hubbs' bread...



  1. A spring teaser brings out the best . . .
    Enjoyed the pictures . . .

    We have had tons of rain, lost some snow . . .
    Warmed to 55, dropped back to the high twenties . . .
    Many bird chirps . . .
    Baking some bread sounds perfect . . .

    What do you do when the animals are covered thick with mud . . .

  2. it was so hot here i turned on the a/c! that is one mighty fine looking loaf of bread! it's pouring here now.

  3. We had 82 on Friday last! Glad you enjoyed your taste of spring.

    Oh my stars, that bread looks amazing. I'd say your hubbs is a good student!

  4. We have had ice for several days now, so ready for Spring! Do you use any special sourdough recipe for your bread and bagels??

  5. Lovely! Up here in WI we are in the throes of a few more days of freezing rain. I just wanted to say that I hope you can find the time to treat that angel's cold sore! lol

  6. Oh, that bread! We are covered in white! Couple inches and that means everything shuts down. Our high is predicted 35. Old man weather is still here.

  7. It was a beautiful day..a bit warm for my taste..I guess we are in for a rainy stretch and won't see the Sun til Tuesday..It even smells wet..moldy..You've got some dirty equines there..Hubs bread looks wonderful..and those mouth is watering..Enjoy the muck and mire!! xxoo

  8. All I can say today is--you and your husband amaze me!!
    thanks-and enjoy- di

  9. Seseame seed bagels...a man after my own heart! Thank you again/yet/still for sharing your daily farm life....such a pleasure to read your blog.

  10. Please send some of your rain to California -- we really need it! And I am now starving after seeing your delicious photos of the bagels and bread -- haven't had breakfast yet and must do something about that post haste. I would say stay dry but it doesn't look like that's going to happen for you and yours for awhile. Maybe "Don't float away" is more in order.

  11. An American in TokyoFebruary 22, 2018 at 7:54 PM

    We had snow falling yesterday!
    Good thing it all melted away.

    I wish I could smell your kitchen after making all those bagels and the bread! It must smell wonderful!

  12. diane in northern wisFebruary 22, 2018 at 9:03 PM

    Oh my gosh.... what beautiful bread and bagels at your house. Everything you touch seems to turn out just great! Wow....77 wonderful that sounds and robins too? You guys must live right. The last two days here we have awakened to below zero temps....although today did get up to 35! Hooray! Now we have snow coming in, and you're getting rain. Looks pretty soggy at your place but you always manage to make the best of everything. I guess that's just one reason why I love your blog! Have a great Friday!


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