Monday, January 15, 2018

Flying By The Seats Of Our Pants

After spending a fun-filled weekend with our friends,
we had planned to go  see the Lion King on Broadway today.
(our Christmas present from our kids).
(Emphasis on "planned".)

But, back to the weekend.
Hubbs and I spent all of Friday baking and cooking in preparation for our weekend guests...
cooking ahead made the weekend easy!

We made two loaves of rosemary-olive oil bread, one loaf of brioche,
cranberry-orange scones, a blueberry-gooseberry pie,
lasagne soup, chicken salad, and broccoli salad.
(cooking and baking are ten times easier when you have a sous chef cleaning
up after you as you go... because, let me tell you... when I cook it looks as if
a bomb went off in the kitchen!)

All tolled, there were 8 of us for the weekend and 6 dogs.
Another four joined us for Sunday Farm Breakfast.

Each day we bundled up and took a three mile hike with the dogs...

and visited the animals along the way.

When the sun went down, the games came out.
We played Pictionary, Balderdash and Charades...
and the laughter flowed freely!

The weekend ended with a wild donkey escape,
a fall on the ice (me)
and barn doors that wouldn't open... making feeding time a bit of a free-for-all...
culminating in two donkeys running out of their yard and up towards the
upper pastures.
Calm eventually ensued and everyone ended up in their proper place.
Unfortunately, I ended up with a torn ACL ligament in my knee and a bone bruise.
I am now on crutches and not walking much.

Luckily, Amanda was going to care for the farm in our absence...
and she will be helping us out this coming week while I heal
and eventually start to rehab my injury.


  1. Sorry that such a marvellous fun filled weekend ended in you injuring yourself. Have a nice rest and I am sure you will be back to normal soon. Your baking/cooking looks absolutely delicious.

  2. Sounds like there was so much fun had. So sorry to hear about your fall. Try not to overdo.


  3. Oooh jeez - well, the menu was lovely! and what fun with the family - the knee? Not so much. Don't push it in the healing - take it slow.

  4. Sorry your weekend ended in an injury. Hope you heal quickly and can get back to doing what you love to do.

    Take care, Janie

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend, until the fall. Sending healing energy your way. You are pretty doggone fit, I'm sure you will heal quickly.

    That bread! Oh. My. Stars. Um, somehow I missed my invitation in the mail. ;0D

  6. Oh no! Hopefully you'll mend quickly. In the meantime, I hope you have a few knitting projects to keep your hands busy in front of a warm fire. ;-)

  7. So sorry about the fall. Hope you heal quickly. My left knee is having sympathy pains. I'm glad that most of your weekend was full of fun. Baby yourself a little if you can figure out how to do that..xxoo

  8. So sorry you fell. Stay by the fire. Hope you heal quickly.

  9. I read your blog all the time and love it! Thank you! I hope you heal quickly, but in the mean time enjoy the time by the fire with the hand projects you like to do. Maybe do some writing. The glass is half full of opportunities while you recuperate. But I bet you already know that!

  10. Oh, no, I wish it weren't so!
    Take care of that knee! ....I hope others can help you during your recuperation time!...By the way...If you are going to that concert of my daughter's (Davina and the Vagabonds and also Squirrel Nut Zippers) on March 24th, I would like to buy some honey, and other market things from you to take home with me. (Hopefully by then, your knee should be better!)

  11. I'm so sorry to hear of your injury . . . other than that it sounded like a wonderful weekend. You certainly know how to feed your company . . . Yum!!! Nothing says welcome like homemade bread:)
    Get well soon.
    Connie :)
    P.S. While your laid up come on over and put your name in the hat for my 6th year blogging anniversary Give-A-Way, I would be honored to have you join in:)

  12. Ouch...that fall must have hurt! Hope your recovery is full & speedy.


  13. So sorry to hear of your fall and injury. My son had ACL surgery on both knees when he was in high school. Hope that is not required in your case, although I think you are getting excellent orthopedic advise and care!! Rest well!

  14. Well damn it! *Hope you are back out in the barn soon . . . but things just aren't the same around the farm without you, are they? Things in the house are off kilter - oh . . . have I ever been there! Wishing you speedy recovery - so sorry this has happened to you:(

  15. You did say that you have lots of yarn and needles-didn't you????
    I can see some knitting days ahead for you--keep warm and be careful--
    hugs, di

  16. Oh dear, that's a terrible fall on the ice! I hope you heal quickly. I wiped out on an icy driveway a week ago and fell flat on my back. Luckily I did not hit my head on the payment, but I'm pretty sure I cracked my tailbone. I've been sitting gingerly in odd positions ever since -- but every day sees a small improvement, so I hope to be back to normal within the next week or so?

  17. "pavement" not "payment" -- maybe the fall jiggled my eyeballs out of sync too so I couldn't spot that spelling error, lol!

  18. Beautiful picture of all of you with all the pups. And sorry to hear about the torn ACL, hope it heals with PT.

    All the baking! Makes me feel guilty - I should be doing that - but no helper to clean up after me. Yes, I'll use that as my excuse.

  19. Oh dear! Just wanted to send along good wishes and hope recovery's a quick one.

  20. okay...time for sammie to step up to the plate and take care of things while you rest and heal!! what a bummer!

  21. A torn ACL and a bone bruise, oh no, I'm very sorry you sustained such painful injuries. I wish you good healing and all necessary patience, and hope that at the end of rehab you will have regained painlessness and good stability in your knee. (Dumb, nasty ice!!) Sending healing vibes!

  22. An American in TokyoJanuary 15, 2018 at 7:49 PM

    Omigosh, what a dramatic weekend!!
    I hope you feel better soon!!
    Your food photos always make me hungry, even if I just ate!! ha ha!!

  23. Sorry to hear about your knee injury. Knee injuries are really painful! Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  24. diane in northern wisJanuary 15, 2018 at 8:44 PM

    Oh dear, so sorry to hear about your fall and injury Bev. Otherwise it sounds like you all had a great weekend together. Your baking and cooking efforts always look amazing to me! Hope the weather is warming up for you now. It is finally warm here again. Hope you can get off the crutches before too long and get your rehab going. Falling on ice is something I worry about every winter. Hope this is your last fall for a looonnngggg time!

  25. Fun weekend and great “eats!”
    The outdoor walk, hikes with friends and dogs sounds wonderful . . .
    I am into . . .”get up and move!”
    Sorry about the slip on the ice . . .
    Hope for a speedy healing up!


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