Friday, December 8, 2017

A New Face Sports The Orange Collar

There is a new face on the farm...
and he's traded in his fancy collar for a fluorescent orange color
to match the rest of the pack.

It's Chester, the huge-eared wonder dog.
Yes, Chester has landed here on the farm and it will be his forever home.

You might remember that Chester was Tyler and his Mommy's new puppy 
at the end of the summer.

Why is he now living on the farm?
It's hard to keep an active breed of dog in an apartment...
especially when everyone is gone all day long...
and a nasty neighbor threatened bodily harm.

And so, dear Chester, an adolescent now, will spend the rest of his days here on the farm.
I have to admit... he's struck it rich.
Farm life is a great life for dogs.

Chester has already proven himself to be farm-worthy.
He is respectful of the animals.
He follows the rest of the pack as though they have always been his very own pack...
and has designated himself to be Hubbs' shadow.

He is a smart little fellow
who will have the benefit of wise old teachers... especially Oakley!

And Annie couldn't be happier.
Finally there is someone for her to play with that has her energy level.

Chester is officially a puppy in training.
He is going to be a wonderful farm dog in no time.

He's already learned so many valuable lessons...
like the fact that duck poop paté is a delicacy!

We've been thinking of adding to our family, but were hesitant because of Oakley.
He's getting old and we did not want him to have to get used to a new dog.
When Annie first came to live on the farm, Oakley became very depressed.
But in this situation, Oakley already knows Chester 
since he has spent several weekends here in the past.

And luckily, he seems to care less that Chester is here once again.
Stay tuned for lots of Chester adventures!

Yesterday took me to my favorite bison farm.
I love looking at these majestic creatures.

Years ago we switched from beef to locally grown, humanely raised bison.
Trips to the bison farm are always a treat!


  1. On the same "farm" as our seaside cottage is a beef cattle farm - where those cows live a very happy, healthy, comfortable life until their time comes. The cows even have a water view! Like your bison farm there - that's the way to raise animals for food - humanely, kindly, and good quality of life.

    I've had two cattle dogs, and they are very intelligent, wonderful dogs. Apartment life would never suit them, as you've already discovered. How wonderful that he will live with your family on the farm, a perfect fit.

  2. Welcome to Chester! He will love his life!

  3. I can't help but think of how Tyler is taking the change. It's gotta be hard for him to let go. Maybe that means he'll be visiting more often!
    Enjoy your new charge.

  4. Welcome to the farm Chester. Hope you have a wonderful life and don't eat too much poop.

  5. welcome chester! what a life he will have!

  6. I thought those ears looked familiar..What a lucky pup..He has it made!!! Sorry forTy..At last there will be visits...Have a good weekend.

  7. Lucky Chester! Perhaps a gerbil would make a more appropriate apartment pet?

  8. Its good you are able to take him on and for your daughter and grandson are able to visit him and know he will be happy and well looked after there . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  9. I'm sad for Tyler - but you are right! Chester hit the jack pot! :-)

  10. diane in northern wisDecember 8, 2017 at 9:38 PM

    Congratulations on the addition of Chester! Hope that means Tyler will be coming to visit more often so he can stay and play with his old friend! You're such good people...adding new pals when the need arises. I'm glad that Oakley and all the rest are adjusting easily to your new addition. May all go well for you dear people!

  11. Perfect new home for the Chester Pup!

  12. Cattle Dogs are one person dogs and will forever be Hubbs shadow. I loved my girl, Mandy, for 13 years. The kids always knew where to look for me in the house---they'd just look for the dog. :)


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