Friday, November 10, 2017

Frosty Freedom Day

It's not yet Thanksgiving, and it's already starting to feel like winter here on the farm.
It's been hovering around the freezing mark...
with frosty mornings.

The last of Summer's greens have been tipped in a sugary sweet coating of ice crystals...

Every morning has something special to offer...
sometimes a spectacular sunrise, sometimes frosty artwork...
today, a world seen through a foggy filter of grey...

a gift awaiting anyone who ventures outside in the early hours.

Yesterday was freedom day for the young guinea fowl.
They looked at their front door standing open...
the whole wide world awaiting them.

They looked and they hesitated.

And then one was bold enough to venture forth...
the rest following in tow.
These 20 birds are of one mind.

Where one goes... there goes the rest!

They spent the day close to the barn... venturing into the front pasture and the 
not-so-dry lot.

Late in the afternoon, I herded them back into their yard once again...
safely tucked back in their home for the night.

Day 1 of freedom... began with 20 guineas and ended with 20 guineas....
a success!!
It will not always be so...
but at least we are off to a great start!

Heat lamps are once again a part of everyone's life...
chickens, guineas, turkeys, pigs and cats.

There's nothing better than snuggling in with a friend when the nights are cold and long!

We had visitors yesterday... our future farm girl and her baby brother spent the day at the farm.
And, their dog, (black) Sam (not to be confused with our Brown Sam), will stay 'til Saturday.
He loves time at the farm... having the freedom and the room to run!

Once again it's Friday.
We have some fun adventures planned for the weekend...
which we will share with you on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend as well!

For anyone interested...
yesterday's talking animals were brought to you via an app called 
"My Talking Pet"
It's just a little too much fun!


  1. Loved those “Tinge of Frost” photos!

  2. beautiful pics! have a great weekend! it sure is cold here!

  3. Love the frosty Christmasy..Glad the Guineas are learning the drill...The kitties look very cozy under their heat lamps..I can't seem to find my Talking Pet..Too many options..Enjoy your weekend..

  4. I absolutely love the photos - and we have watched the animal video over and over. My teenagers AND my baby LOVE it! My baby even has it memorized! (except the pig part... some of that is hard to understand!)


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