Tuesday, October 10, 2017

While I Was Gone...

I often get asked how I accomplish so much in one day.
I wish I had an easy answer for you.
I am by nature a "busy" person...and not one to sit much.

Hubbs and I are both very organized...
and now that Hubbs is retired, the work gets done in half the time,
as there are now two of us working together.

Yesterday I spent the day with Mackenzie and Easton...
leaving the farm at sun-up and not returning home until sundown.
I have to say...
working a day on the farm 
is much easier than keeping a 3 month old and a 2 year old for the entire day!!
We had a fun day... full of play,
but by the end of it I was beat!

While I was gone...

armed with lots of Ritz crackers,
Hubbs held down the farm.
(Amanda was home for the evening and took some photos for me.)

Our guinea babes are just about full grown.
They spend most of their days outside their house.

Apparently, once evening has arrived...
it is very scary to have to go back into a dark house...
and so the guineas stay outside....

unless we turn on a light for them...
which we do (every afternoon).

Then, by sundown, they happily return to their cozy little house
to roost for the night.
At bedtime, we turn off their night.
"Sleep tight, crazy birds!"

Guinea relocation will be happening very soon.
One of these days, we will be moving chickens and turkeys into different houses.
At this point, the guineas will move into the old turkey house by the barn.
This will give them a much bigger yard...
which is needed right now.
These crazy birds love to fly and are practicing their flying in a yard that is a bit too small.

PS... we are in the midst of a little heat wave...very strange weather for October.
I am hoping that things cool down again very soon.
I love October so much and I would be happiest if it felt like October!


  1. We have just been moving everyone around to bigger homes, I do fancy getting some guinea fowl something to look into next year, great idea with the light just about to fix a solar one in the chicken house.

  2. Often wondered how you accomplish so much in one day. I bet it's lovely having your husband home now, not only to help around the farm but to spend time together. Sounds like you make a very good team indeed. Gosh how those Guineas have grown. Many of us "readers" have said it before but I will say it again, you are an inspiration and if ever feeling down or sad a "trip" to Beehaven Acres and your beautiful words are SO, SO uplifting - It's like having a good friend and for that I thank you.

  3. Loved the, “we’ll keep the lights on for you!”
    Looks like those Guineas have their “huddling, snuggling, roosting” down pat . . .

    A day with babes and toddlers . . . WHEW . . .
    A different BUSY for sure . . .

  4. Those guineas are strange ones...Of course you have them figured out..Lucky them..

  5. 80 degrees here today! We were in Vermont this weekend and it was shorts and tee shirt weather! Bizarre! ......

  6. diane in northern wisOctober 10, 2017 at 9:55 PM

    Thanks for the farm update with your Hubbs and also a look at your two darling grandkids! Love to see him doling out those ritz crackers to the lambie girls, and the pigs, and fun to see the guineas growing up and needing more space. Their house does look inviting when the light is on! I always look forward to your blog posts. Thanks again, so much. Sorry to hear things have gotten warm again by you....it's staying pretty cool here....only in the 30's when we awoke this morning! Still trying to send some of that weather your way!


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