Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween

Halloween is always a fun time here on the farm.
It's the perfect time to throw a party...

and with animals like ours who like to party...
it's always guaranteed to be a success!

We spent Trick-or-Treat evening with our kids...
Tyler and his Mommy...

Mackenzie and Easton and their Mommy and Daddy...

Even Hubbs had a costume that wouldn't scare anyone!

Then we provided babysitting so that the little ones' parents could attend a party.

(Forest Gump and Jenny)

Every Halloween, Dr. Becky and her hubby throw a Halloween Party at their house...
and every year they take a lot care in making the perfect costumes.
This year they dressed up to be these two characters from Game of Thrones...
 Tormund Giantsbane and Brienne of Tarth.

Becky spent many hours making these costumes... 

down to the finest details.

Chester, as the boy wonder... Robin with Daisy (who wouldn't wear her costume).

(Batman was apparently busy that afternoon!)

Daisy had other things on her mind... like performing...

Happy Halloween from all of us on the farm!


  1. Always fun visiting BHA on Halloween and as always you never dissapoint and Daisy was the icing on the cake!! HaPpY hALlOwEn!

  2. Wonderful costumes!! Daisy was absolutely amazing - what a clever girl. Really made me laugh and happy.

  3. I love Forest Gump and Jenny! Heard his sweet simple voice immediately when I saw that picture.

    Great costumes, all!

  4. WOW!!! What an awesome dance! How long did it take to teach her that? I am BLOWN away! And all of the costumes are great! I love the flower on the donkey's hat! And super dog too! Have an awesome day!

  5. Hehehehe!!! Love the Dance!! Daisy is amazing.

    Happy Halloween, Janie

  6. Awesome costumes! Awesome performance by Daisy!Did you make Hubb's costume? Curious about your costume!

  7. Dancing Daisy what a cutie. Becky has spent a lot of time with her. Love the costumes. Happy Halloween

  8. what fun! i love the forest gump and jenny and jenny! daisy sure has some moves! it helps to have a mama that does dressage! happy halloween!

  9. Daisy was great! ON America's Got Talent there was a dog that did almost the same thing and ended up in the final five. She could be a star.

  10. What a great post! Halloween is so much fun. I love Dr. Becky's costume! Awesome job on sewing all that. Kids and grands and fur friends look great too!

  11. Wow, nice costumes, everyone! Both people and animals! Happy Halloween!

  12. Thanks for sharing the dancing Daisy! Loved watching her dance!


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