Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Barn Gets a Facelift....Me? I'm Stuck With What I've Got!

The barn is getting a facelift...
and I couldn't be more excited.

We have lived with our grey barn forever...
and I've never really been fond of the color (light grey).
But, that is changing... quickly.
If only the weather would cooperate.

The back side of the barn had developed a leaky window which needed to be replaced,
as well as the exterior siding.
We picked a dark shade of charcoal grey...
with the trim painted white, the barn should really stand out!

As soon as the sun returns, the rest of the barn will be painted as well.
Then Hubbs and I will get busy on the out buildings.
It's quite a big project and I will be so happy when it is complete!

While the fellows were working yesterday morning,
I spent a little time nearby in the garden pulling weeds.

I happened to glance up to see Sammy napping here:

See what I mean?
He is such a unique dog.
A nap is always a good time to showcase his handsome looks, right?
And what could be better than a Nasturtium pillow?

It's apple and pear harvest time.
This year's crop is bigger than ever and sweeter...
I guess the adequate rainfall has played a big part in this.

Did I say bigger?  Well, the pears are tiny... but oh, are they sweet!

We have an apple cider-making day planned for the end of September.

Right now I am just enjoying picking fruit from the trees and eating it right then and there.
No washing necessary... we don't spray our trees.
Which explains why our fruit might be a little ugly...
but there are no scary chemicals on it either.

Just 100% organic fruit!
100% ugly, organic fruit...but 100% tasty!!

And that's definitely something to crow about!

I was out picking fruit yesterday afternoon (before the rains came)
and called the pigs to share an apple with me...

Don't worry, I took the rest of the apple around to the sheep yard,
where Ginger was waiting for me.

She was quite happy to share our treat.

I also cut a large portion of our lemon verbena.

I will be drying this (on the dining room table...shouldn't take but a few days)
and making herbal tea with it.


  1. Love those pig girls - Maryann sure enjoyed her apple. Video was great!!

  2. Liking the new charcoal look . . .
    Sammy looks quite content!

  3. There is always something to do, isn't there?
    It's good to know that your trees don't need spraying. How do you keep them healthy and pest-free? We acquired an apple tree and two peach trees on our new property, and I have no idea what to do to get them healthy.
    Enjoy your day!

  4. I like to dry my flowers and herbs by hanging. I'll loosely bundle 3-4 stems together and hang them in the kitchen, where they can scent the room while drying. This allows better air circulation, too.

  5. I love hearing all that smacking.

  6. i am SO into grays right now. i am doing my daughter house in shades of gray. these days, i get excited about ugly fruit because i know how good it is going to taste!

  7. I always liked the gray..I like the Charcoal even better..good choice..
    I don't imagine that you got much of that apple ;) Love todays story..

  8. diane in northern wisSeptember 6, 2017 at 9:12 PM

    Your blog is always so interesting. So glad you got a lot of delish fruit from your trees. Love watching the piggies eating apples and love the inside of your house so much and that big table with all the chairs around it. when I see your house it makes me miss our big house that we sold almost one year ago now. it just got to be too much for us....but I can live through you Bev!!! Keep up the great blog! I love that you're making tea from your lemon verbena too! You're really good at using what you grow! You should get an award for that!

  9. I second the motion above for an award... and add that your blog definitely is prize-worthy, too!
    Your barn is going to look so beautiful! I really like the color scheme you picked. Classy. And look at the full-view photo of your veg garden! You have an amazing sense for aesthetics. Everything is clean and tidy and so pretty; nothing is out of place, and yet everything looks somehow natural, in harmony with nature.
    P.S. A propos "I'm stuck..." - I do hope you know that you have every reason to be very happy with that!!! (Say I, slightly envious... ;-))


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