Monday, September 18, 2017

And Suddenly It Was Sunday Night!

I just blinked.... and the whole weekend flew by in an instant!
At least that's how it seems!
It's Sunday night and just a little earlier I realized that I had not taken any photos
 for this blog post.
This explains why the following photos look like they were taken at night.
They were!

We had guests on Sunday for a picnic... and in preparation,
each of the horses were groomed.
Hooves picked, not a hair out of place....
and then everyone decided to roll in the dust and shavings...
making themselves look worse than before we started.

Such mischievous horses!

Saturday morning we took delivery on a load of hay.
Yes, it's time to prepare for winter, and stock the barn with hay.

We have one more load yet to come and we should be in fine shape for a 
cold snowy winter.
Apparently the Farmer's Almanac has predicted that we will have a blustery, snowy winter this year.
We'll be ready!

One of the bales of hay broke open, so we used it for feeding this weekend.

I didn't even get a chance to unload the hay...
before 5 horses descended upon the wheelbarrow.

A hay feeder might be nice, except for the fact that the boys have a way of
accidentally, on purpose, excluding poor Scarlet!

That's it, girl, push your way in there!
Make those boys move out of the way!

I ended up taking the hay from the wheelbarrow and spreading it around the dry lot.
That way everyone had the same opportunity.

Over the past few years, we have noticed that a lot of wineries, and microbreweries
have started to pop up in our neck of the woods.
I love supporting local "Mom and Pop" businesses.  

Saturday we took a drive and visited a few.
We had wanted to stop and visit a local distillery that opened this year.
Hazard Distillery.

They specialize in whiskey and moonshine.
The moonshine is sold in mason jars and comes in yummy flavors like pumpkin pie and apple pie.

I am not much of an alcohol consumer,
but once in a great while I like a wee nip.
This particular flavor... Salted Caramel Whiskey... just might be the best I have ever tasted!
One of our Sunday guests mentioned that he thought it might be good on pancakes!
HAH!  Now that's quite a way to start your day!

I must admit... a bottle just happened to follow me home.
Will I have it on pancakes?


  1. Love the photo of Scarlett - Isn't she pretty!! She seems to be a quiet soul who keeps herself to herself. I think she is a lovely girl and she looks to have a lovely nature - not as cheeky as those boys. "Hazard Distillery" wow what a name!! Seems a bit unfortunate as if it will cause all sorts of hazards should you participate in tasting its products. Funny!!

  2. Time flies when you're busy..They used to cal it "drinking"..Now it's "supporting the Mom and Pop businesses" Nice night time pics..

  3. If you can figure out how to slow time down, please let me know! Time is flying when you are having fun!

  4. Amazing how fast the time flies by when we are having fun!
    Salty Carmel Whiskey sounds interesting . . .
    Never on pancakes though . . .


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